Gwen Stefani Heartbreak: Blake Shelton Thinks She's Clingy and Rather Be With Kelly Clarkson?

Are Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani still happy together? Will a wedding push through for the couple?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani might be on the verge of breaking up. That is, if it is true that Shelton is already starting to feel smothered by Stefani AND, if he is now the newly-separated Kelly Clarkson's confidante and special friend. 

Blake Shelton Thinks Gwen Stefani is Clingy

According to Life and Style Weekly, July 13 edition, Blake Shelton has have enough of Gwen Stefani's clinginess. Apparently, based on a source's revelation, Stefani wants to be with Blake and be all over his business almost 24/7. Even though Blake loves her and wants to spend time with her, there are days that this just becomes too much. 

The timing is suspect with regard to this rumor, since the two just purchased their love nest in LA's Encino neighborhood. On the other hand, that might exactly be the reason, since they are living together and constantly around one another.

According to the source though, Gwen and Blake are not just living together - they're performing together, recording together, and probably working more together on TV in the near future. It is therefore becoming a lot for Blake to live with, since this means they are together 24/7.

The two have started dating since 2015. Given all the emotions that Blake is feeling, the country singer allegedly already told Gwen upfront that he needs some space. It was shocking to Gwen, but she eventually took it in a stride. 

The source explained that Gwen Stefani might have known deep down that if she continues to cling tightly, she would end up being the one who got burned. 

Gwen Stefani Thinks Blake Shelton is Cheating with Kelly Clarkson

However, what could she do? More so when she is also allegedly worried about Blake and Kelly Clarkson! According to Globe, Gwen is pissed. Blake is suddenly on the phone and texting to comfort his friend, who recently just become single, but has always been so attracted and talented in his eyes. 

A source even said that Gwen is so used to having Blake's attention on her only that she's feeling negative about Shelton's sudden care for Clarkson. They had been together in the lockdown fo months and Gwen is surprised to see that after Kelly allegedly contacted Blake to tell him about her marriage woes, Blake's attention has already shifted. Suddenly Kelly is all who Blake talked about! 

Since these are juicy stories from tabloids, one has to take all these reports with a grain of salt. They can be true and they also can be untrue.

Gwen and Blake Planning Their Wedding! 

After all, Gwen and Blake are already making wedding plans. In an exclusive report by US magazine, it was revealed that Shelton and Stefani are so ready to make their wedding happen as soon as possible. They want an all-out summer wedding, but are also fine with a fall wedding if the pandemic makes their wishes impossible. Allegedly, Stefani and Shelton are even planning two separate ceremonies - in LA and in Blake's Oklahoma Ranch. 

"Oklahoma gives the couple more privacy and the possibilities are endless for a wedding reception people will talk about for years," the source explained.

If the wedding plans are called off just because Blake is feeling a tad stifled with Gwen's attention or Gwen's feeling a tad jealous with Blake's comfort of a friend, then the plans probably do not deserve to be made in the first place. 

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