Markle Sparkle: Meghan Markle Makes Shocking 'Billion' Claim In Court Case

Meghan Markle remains unstoppable as her legal team presented some shocking court claims.

Last week, a new court filing revealed several scandalous events she faced as a member of the royal family. She included the times she allegedly felt "unprotected" by the monarchy during her pregnancy, as well as how her marriage with Prince Harry brought economic benefits to the U.K.

Meghan's lawyers mentioned that they believe that her 2018 royal wedding brought in $1.2 billion, although they held it with a hefty price tag of over $40 million. The $30 million of which reportedly covered the cost of security.

Per The Express, the filing states that the royal wedding produced $787 million in business spending and $337 million in public relations value. Harry and Meghan also reportedly claim that they did not use much of taxpayers' funds, as Prince Charles paid most of the costs himself.

"Any public costs incurred for the wedding were solely for security and crowd control to protect members of the public as deemed necessary by Thames Valley Police and the Metropolitan Police," Meghan's legal team contended.

Despite mentioning it on the legal documents, several people and groups challenged the huge sum and said that it did not sound realistic at all.

Harry, Meghan Wounded UK's Revenue Instead?

Following the emergence of the legal documents in public, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got slammed for their far-fetched and implausible calculations.

According to Andy Barr of PR firm 10Yetis, a billon dollar total revenue for a royal wedding sounds unimaginable and doubtful.

"It's a huge sum, and the stars would have to align to get even half that. Even if you were to take into account the longer-term values from travel and tourism, it's still a long way off," Barr explained. "If I was forced to speculate, I would say a maximum of £250million."

Meanwhile, an anti-monarchy group claimed that the royal wedding costed more money than what they disclosed.

Republic, an organization that appeals to abolish the monarchy, said that the wedding "wound up" since it was actually a net loss for British taxpayers.

"Meghan Markle is falling for the same spin that the royal household put out," Republic CEO Graham Smith told Express U.K. "There is no evidence at all that the monarchy ever bring money in from tourism."

Smith said that Meghan's claim that her wedding produced $1.2 billion "is pure fiction," and she has no evidence to support what she believes.

Even after Megxit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still allegedly milking the British taxpayers.

In May 2020, royal expert Charles Rae revealed that the heir to the throne sent the Sussexes a huge amount to help in their security costs after the couple chose to live in the United States.

"We are still as far as we know paying out a bit for their security, aren't we?" talkRADIO host Mike Graham asked Rae.

In response, Rai said: "We are because at the moment Prince Charles is giving them £2million a year. It is going to be looked at in 12 months."

Harry and Meghan's finances have been an issue since they departed from the firm, and they are about to get into more troubles as the opportunities for them become lesser due to pandemic.

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