Toxic Royal? Meghan Markle Accused Of Being A Bad Influence To Prince Harry

Royal experts are pointing fingers and blaming Meghan Markle for dragging Prince Harry to her royal exit.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised the public, as well as other members of the royal family, after they dropped their bombshell news of quitting the firm and stepping down as senior members last January.

They officially left the Firm in April and has since settled in Los Angeles with their 1-year-old son, Archie.

Meghan Markle Never Wanted To Stay In The U.K

In the latest Meghan Markle news, The Sun's royal photographer Arthur Edwards claimed that the runaway duchess never intended to stay in the U.K. In fact, he accused Meghan of influencing her husband to go with her plans. 

"All that house refurbishment at Frogmore and the money that they spent on that, she had no intention of staying here," Edwars said in "TalkRadio," according to The Sun. 

Edwards went on and mentioned that the former "Suits" actress only dragged Prince Harry along -- something which she succeeded in doing.

Prince Harry Has "Gone Completely Sour" Towards The British Press

Moreover, the royal photographer, who has covered the monarchy for 40 years, also pointed out how the 35-year old prince's relationship with the press has gone "completely sour" after his wife joined the royal family. 

"I think the moment she married Harry it was 'right, let's get out of here as quick as we can,'" Edwards furthered. "I mean, it was ridiculous."

The 79-year-old photographer, who was also a favorite of the late Princess Diana and referred to him as "our Arthur," confessed that his affiliation with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is now in tatters.

"Unfortunately for the last couple of years, he has gone completely sour. He didn't talk to me for a year. I've been photographing him since he was born, and it was down to her."

Meghan Markle As A Target By The British Media

Prior to their royal wedding in 2018, the couple has had a love-hate relationship with the British media. 

Meghan has dealt with ruthless accusations and rumors started by the press, which pushed Prince Harry to call out the media over the "racial undertones" in articles and false reports written about Markle.

"His girlfriend, Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment," a statement from a representative for the Duke of Sussex mentioned. "Some of this has been very public - the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments."

Multiple reports also cited that this contributed to the decision of the couple to leave the royal family as they seek independence outside the U.K. 

Shortly after Megxit, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent a letter to the editors of The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Daily Mirror to let them know that they will no longer be cooperating with the "royal rota."

Based on the couple's non-engagement policy, there will be "no corroboration and zero engagement" with U.K. tabloids due to "distorted, false or invasive" stories.

Furthermore, Prince Harry and Meghan pointed out that they will not "offer themselves up as currency for an economy of clickbait and distortion."

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