Royal Panic: Prince Andrew 'Shaking' Over Ghislaine Maxwell Possible 'Plea Deal'

Is Queen Elizabeth's nightmare coming true? Is her favorite son Prince Andrew destined to be jailed?

According to InTouch magazine, July 20 edition, Prince Andrew might be the next to be jailed after Jeffrey Epstein's confidante and sometimes girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell was put in handcuffs. 

Hours after Maxwell was arrested, she was immediately sent to court to explain and defend herself against accusations that she was part of Epstein's modus to lure young women to be abused. 

One of Jeffrey Epstein's reported victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre accused Maxwell of helping Epstein trafficked her. She then said she was also forced by the two to have sex with the Duke of York, not once, or twice, but thrice!

With Maxwell's arrest, analysts claim that the end game is near for Prince Andrew and it might even be inevitable. Maxwell reportedly knows all the ins and outs of Epstein's shady business and if she can save herself by divulging all the information in her possession, she would. Insiders believe she would not even think twice of dropping Prince Andrew like a hot potato. 

That said, Maxwell's arrest is literally the worst-case scenario for Prince Andrew. Now his world is becoming smaller. If he was truly running and hiding from the FBI, then he'll likely to feel the world is already closing on him. The insider revealed that Maxwell, with her tendency to save herself and throw Prince Andrew under the bus, means the royal might face arrest, and then jail, soon enough.

Insiders believe that Maxwell, facing 35 years in jail at least, because of six total charges, including luring a minor to do illegally sexual activities, will find the thought unbearable. Given that, she'll likely to do everything in her power to escape her fate. She even attempted to escape during arrest - to no avail

She might strike a plea deal next, one that would include letting the authorities know the true extent of Prince Andrew's involvement in Jeffrey Epstein's crimes. With Epstein dead (by suicide), he would not be able to concoct lies to hide the royal's involvement. 

The police would likely give in to Maxwell's plea demands since she has all the information they want and need. An insider told In Touch USA that no one really knows what kind of evidence Maxwell has and what kind of damage this can do to not just Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth, but also the whole royal family. 

Prince Andrew has daughters too, one of whom is Princess Beatrice, set to marry maybe once the COVID-19 crisis is over. If Prince Andrew's involvement in sex crimes is proven, that would be a massive shame.

It's not only Prince Andrew who is likely feeling the terror of Maxwell's arrest. An insider shared that she might also reveal other big names involved with Epstein's ring of crimes. There is no denying that Epstein is close with elite figures and powerful figures. It's quite impossible for all of them not to have an idea what Epstein was up to/ Maxwell probably knows them and can drop them anytime now.

Ghislaine Maxwell is due to appear in a bail hearing via video. Given what insiders revealed, Prince Andrew might be starting to shake.

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