Johnny Depp Camp Lying? The Truth Behind Amber Heard Attack Photos

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce-related cases are starting to get messier and messier. One minute the world realizes Amber Heard could have lied with new evidence, the next, it could be Johnny Depp who did! 

Depp is presently suing Sun's publisher for an article where it described the actor as a wife-beater. In consideration to the newspaper, it was only reporting what allegations Amber Heard made against her ex-husband. But Depp said these were all lies and the newspaper should not have ran with just one angle. 

As the court proceedings over this case start, evidence for and against the actor are continuously appearing. This time, Johnny Depp's security guard revealed a mind-boggling total of FOUR photographs showing the actor with injuries. Allegedly, these injuries were rom Amber Heard attacking him. On that note, these photos are meant to support Depp's libel claims against Sun, which go to show that it is him and not Amber Heard who was beaten up.

Sean Bennet, the security guard, has worked for Depp for a total of nine years. According to him, he was able to took three pictures on his mobile of the actor in December 2015 with bruises. He alleged that he was told by the "Pirates of Carribean" actor himself that he was slapped by his then wife several times.

Naturally, the revelation warranted questioning. Asked in court by Depp's lawyer David Sherborne, what he saw that day, Mr Bett answered: 'I could see what appears to be redness and what appears to be a 1.5 inch to 2 inch scratch and redness to the right of that scratch.'

The fourth paragraph showed Depp injured once more because Amber Heard allegedly attacked him after her 30th birthday party in Los Angeles in April 2016.

If these are proven true, then Depp might be on his way to winning this case. The problem is, NGN's barrister Sasha Wass QC told the court that the photo was in reality, taken in March 2015. And that Depp was yes, injured by Heard's hands, but she already admitted to that incident. According to Heard, she had to attack Depp in defense of her sister Whitney. 

On her part, Heard already revealed in the past that she and Depp had a violent interaction because Depp approached her sister on a landing between two staircases in their LA home. Because Heard got so scared Depp would push Whitney down, she hit him in the face.

But Mr. Bett insisted that he is not lying. He said he lies witness to the many times that Depp was being attacked by Heard. And, he could say 100% that Depp never hit the girl back. When it comes to Amber Heard attacks of Johnny Depp, it can be called a cycle

When accused of lying by Ms Wass, he replied: 'You can call me a liar a hundred times but I'm not lying, I'm telling the truth.' 

So who is lying in this case? Amber Heard, The Sun, or Johnny Depp? The world might not find out until much later when all the possible evidence of abuse from both sides finally emerge. These are not the only controversial photos linked to the case after all - there is one of poo in Depp's bed, allegedly Amber Heard's/ There is another of Johnny Depp passed out and covered in ice cream - what the heck. 

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