Queen Elizabeth II Retiring? Prince Charles' Takeover in Progress!

Queen Elizabeth II's abdication has been the talk of the world in recent years.

In 2015, Her Majesty set a new record after she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, and became the longest-reigning British monarch. But each year that she adds on the record makes Prince Charles' waiting even longer as the current heir to the throne.

Although the Queen pledged to dedicate her whole life serving the monarchy, many royal experts noticed that she has been stepping aside and transferring more responsibilities to the Prince of Wales.

This set-up ignited speculations that she could take early retirement and begin the period of regency.

In an interview with Sky News, royal editor Robert Jobson shared his sentiment over the fact that Prince Charles has been doing royal duties on behalf of the Queen since she cannot expect "to continue at the same pace."

"He is certainly the longest-serving heir to the throne. I'm sure he will continue to do so if the Queen wants to continue in that role," Jobson said.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth II's abdication could lead to two things: Prince Charles finally becoming the Prince Regent and an enjoyable retirement for herself.

If Her Majesty chooses to step aside for the heir to the throne, she would follow Prince Philip's footsteps who retired from his duties at the age of 96.

"But otherwise in the Prince of Wales' transition over the past 10 to 15 years, he has been taking on more of the responsibilities of the Queen," the royal editor mentioned. "He is supported by Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge as well."

Amid the speculation, Jobson revealed that the formal handing of the crown through regency is in progress. With that said, expect Prince Charles to continue to cover Queen Elizabeth II's duties.

Queen Elizabeth II to Step Down Next Year

Meanwhile, another royal expert predicted that Queen Elizabeth II could give way to Prince Charles as early as next year.

Speaking with Channel 5 documentary "The Queen and Charles - Mother and Son," royal biographer Angela Levin said that the monarch might wholly step down at 95.

Meanwhile, the documentary's narrator, Stephen Greif, said, "Some royal experts think that the Queen's age may eventually force her to step down from her day to day duties as monarch. Charles would become Prince Regent, King in all but name."

Levin said that if Queen Elizabeth II is already incapable of doing her duties as the head of the monarchy, then Prince Charles can take over and do the duties she cannot perform anymore.

However, royal historian Dr. Anne Whitelock disagreed with their statements, saying that there is no way Queen Elizabeth II would abdicate.

"There is much speculation that the Queen might one day have to abdicate," she said. "I think there is no chance of the Queen abdicating."

The monarchy is still trying to get up on its own after getting affected by different crises. With that said, only Queen Elizabeth II can decide whether she will finally give way to Prince Charles or not.

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