'Elf 2' No More: James Caan Drops Truth Bomb About Dream Sequel

People have been clamoring for a sequel to the Christmas comedy film "Elf." However, it may not happen anymore.

James Caan, who was part of the hit flick, confirmed that a possible "Elf 2" will not happen ever, thanks to the main actor and its director.

In an interview on Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan's Bull & Fox show on Friday, the 80-year-old veteran actor said that the film's headliners, Will Ferrell and director Jon Favreau, did not get along during its planning.

"We were gonna do it and I thought, 'Oh my god, I finally got a franchise movie, I could make some money, let my kids do what the hell they want to do.' And the director and Will didn't get along very well," he said.

Per Caan, Ferrell wanted to push through it. However, he does not want to have Favreau as the director anymore.

As of writing, neither Will nor Favreau have commented about it yet.

What "Elf" is All About

The 2003 Will Ferrell-led movie is one of those classic films watched every holiday season. It follows the life of Buddy, a human who becomes a North Pole elf.

Santa's elves adopted and raised him. But upon discovering his true identity, he ventured to New York City to meet his biological father.

Apart from Ferrell and Cann, "Elf" also starred Zooey Deschanel, Mary Steenburgen, Daniel Tay, Bob Newhart and Ed Asner.

With just $33 million as its budget, the film was a great hit and grossed over $220.4 million worldwide.

Fandango users even rated "Elf" the best Christmas film of the 21st century, pushing it to be considered one of the greatest Christmas movies ever.

What Favreau Thinks About the Sequel?

Previously, the award-winning director already shared his thoughts about "Elf 2."

According to Yahoo, the director said that the studio executives and the "Elf" team would love to pursue a sequel. It has been in talks since 2016, and Favreau said that the topic emerges quite often in Hollywood.

"In the beginning there was talk of sequel, and it never came to be, probably for the best as now it exists as its own thing," Favreau revealed.

However, he also opined that a "straight sequel is probably not the right move." The director then added that even if "Elf 2" does not happen, he is okay with it.

Per Favreau, having a sequel in any award-winning film is a big gamble. Even if he does not do anything to his films, he would be pleased with how it already ended.

"The minute you take it on, you try to add on to something, you always run the risk of diminishing from the original," he continued. "I do have tremendous fondness for that film and you don't want to do anything to screw up the legacy of it."

Of course, things can change in Hollywood, so a posisble "Elf 2" will always be out there. For now, however, fans should not have their hopes up.

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