Jake Paul's 2019 Wedding Fake -- Controversial Fight Also Staged?

What is true during Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's wedding? Is the wedding really fake? How about the controversial fight?

According to a new report, it is highly possible that both the wedding and the fight during the event are both staged. A self-proclaimed Hollywood Svengali has evidence to show. 

Jake Paul Wedding Fight Faked 

Sheeraz Hasan said he paid someone a hefty sum to start a fight during Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau's wedding. Speaking on Dax Holt and Adama Glyn's podcast "Hollywood Raw," Hasan said that he creates scandals and controversies that can grab headlines just so his clients can become famous. 

He then noted that Paul is one of his clients who paid him to make news at his July 2019 wedding. It can be remembered that the Youtuber streamed his wedding for around $50 a pop. Since the amount being charged to witness the nuptials is not even that low, it is not that farfetched for him to pay someone to make it a unique wedding day,  

Hasan shared that he plotted the said fight with Paul himself.

"When [they] say, 'You may now kiss the bride,' I'm going to [pay] someone to throw champagne on your [wife]," Hasan revealed, claiming Paul's reaction was, "Hell yeah, I'm down with that." 

Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau Wedding for Content Purposes Only 

While it is still unclear whether the marriage is fake or not -- none of the parties said the word exactly -- there have been several reports claiming that it was, indeed, just for content purposes.

From the beginning though, Tana and Jake were acting in a way that makes people think the relationship between them was just a publicity stunt. They labeled the wedding the same.

On the day of the wedding itself, Tana said something in her vlog that made people raise their eyebrows. According to her, legally binding oneself to another person just takes away the love. Therefore, it should be unnecessary. It's not clear whether she is just saying her wedding is more than just getting hitched legally and love is the more paramount consideration, but people already took it as her stating the whole thing was just for show.

In the same video, she said she loves making a lot of jokes about her relationship, but it was still very real. For what it's worth, maybe the question of whether the marriage was real and legal is already moot now, as they already announced their breakup in January (five months after the wedding day). 

In an interview with ET, Jake Paul further confused people by saying some of his relationships are real and others are not. He was already with Julia Rose when giving the said interview.

"It's awesome to be able to build a relationship off-camera without Hollywood, [away from] all the critics and fans and drama," Paul said, referring to his new relationship at the time (they're broken up now, too!). 

The new allegations of staging a fight during the wedding day just show the lengths some influencers would go to provide content to their fans. 

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