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They say that eyes are the gateway to one's soul. Accessorizing the right way can really flatter your eyes, face, and wardrobe, not to mention it can speak volumes about your personality. Trends come and go. What is important is to stay true to yourself and let your style be an extension of who you are. Without further ado, let's welcome in the new season with a little flourish to our wardrobes that won't set our budgets back either!

Metal frame glasses

Metal frame glasses are a great fashion choice as they are not only more durable than their plastic alternatives, but they also don't cost as much as other materials such as titanium. 

Hipster Round Glasses $7

The SmartBuy Collection Denny eyeglasses have a modern and angular edge to them. They give off a hipster vibe with their nose pads and smart gold detailing on the frames. Starting at just $7, these frames give a low-key serious but laid back attitude.

Harry Potter glasses $29

Doesn't matter which house you belong to. A pair of Harry Potter glasses is always a good idea to have you look like a knowledgeable wizard/witch. These frames come at $29, a great deal in our opinion to achieve that innocently intelligent look!

Rimless glasses $29

For a there-but-not-there look, a rimless pair could be your best bet. They're virtually weightless and don't obstruct peripheral vision as there are no rims. Because of the clean finish, such designs are always in vogue.

Pilot glasses $29

Pilot shaped frames are a timeless design, whether they're for spectacles or sunglasses. They've been popular since the early 20th century when they were worn by pilots to protect their eyes from harsh glares. 

Plastic frame glasses

If you have a sensitivity to nickel, prefer to wear a frame that feels more secure, or like to make a bold statement and wear your glasses as an accessory, you should consider plastic frame glasses. Let's take a look at the styles available in plastic:

Cat-eye glasses $7

The SmartBuy Collection Bay glasses are made of lightweight metal and cat-eye shaped. Here's something you wouldn't have thought of- cat-eye frames have browlines sweeping up towards the temples, making them a perfect choice for giving an illusion that your face is lifted, hence they can even make you look younger! For just $7, you might consider throwing away your expensive moisturizing cream at that price.

Browline glasses $7

Want to emphasize your brow line by just changing out your glasses? Well, this will help with just that! These frames have a neutral colored lens front which will go with everything in your wardrobe. It's perfect if you want to go for a subtly bold look.

Carbon fiber glasses

Carbon fiber is famed for being ultra-lightweight and high tensile strength. They're significantly lighter than traditional metal frames, are anti-allergenic, impact-resistant, not so easily deformed, and have good biocompatibility. 

Clark Kent glasses

These frames have that perfect rectangular shape to give the impression of an average, citizen look to a real superhero. It's a frame that Superman himself would prefer to the chunky frames that he's known to wear, owing to its high strength and versatility.

Acetate frame glasses

Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, meaning it is characteristically stronger and more durable than plastic. Since it is lightweight, it is very comfortable to wear all day, which is very important for full-time eyeglass wearers. 

Clear frame glasses $29

Clear frames are one of the most popular trends of the year thanks to their elegant simplicity.  Because of the absence of a color, these frames are incredibly versatile when it comes to matching with different colors and outfits.

Among other trends available these days, the most practical one is that of blue light protection. This leads to less glare from our screen, which in turn, is known to boost energy levels, improve quality of sleep, and potentially reduce headaches. All you need to do is add zFORTTM blue light protection during the checkout process at SmartBuyGlasses to enjoy the high-performance blue light blocking technology that can help to block these wavelengths from reaching the eye and causing detrimental damage.

We can take away that it's not expensive to fit ourselves with a new pair of stylish glasses and elevate our look. Take a look at SmartBuyGlasses to always find the best price for your favorite design.

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