Katy Perry's Divorce Reaction Part of New Film's Broad Scope


A new trailer for the upcoming film "Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D" shows that in addition to being a concert movie, it will show a variety of sides to the popular singer's fast paced life and may include her reaction to divorce Russell Brand as well as numerous scenes of what she regularly looks like without her signature makeup.

Perry, whose film is being released by Paramount on July 5, is clear about her goals when she performs.

"My goal when I'm playing shows is just to make people smile," she says in the trailer.

The trailer shows the film will touch upon the singer's current successes, her Christian roots, and struggles in the music industry.

The new film may also shed light on the singer's divorce, a topic which Perry has been mostly quiet about. A scene in the trailer includes a newswoman's voice asking "what happened" with her divorce. The next scene shows the singer hunched over as an unseen person appears to console her.

A makeup-less Perry was also prominently featured.

Whether it be working out, trying on a costume, preparing for a show stunt, attending a recording session, or just hanging out, the singer's appearance doesn't match the made up appearance presented on stage, in television appearances, or in her videos.

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