Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Divorce Fueled By Brody Jenner? [VIDEO]

Brody Jenner hopes his dad Bruce Jenner will divorce Kris Jenner, according to reports.

In a recent episode of Keeping of With The Kardashians, Kris and Brody's relationship was tested after the family took a vacation to Greece and didn't invite the former Hills star.

Under extreme pressure, Kris decided to make flight plans so that Brody could join the crew.

"I'm not the evil stepmonster you think I am. I just want a little bit of credit," Kris told Bruce.

According to, sources said Brody wasn't surprised that he wasn't invited on the family trip.

"Brody has had a lifetime of this and he holds Kris responsible for Bruce not being a bigger part of his life when he was a child," a source said.

The source added that Kris didn't let Brody and Brandon spend time with Bruce becaushe she feared that it would keep her husband away from her.

"When Kris became pregnant with Kendall and Kylie, the boys hardly ever saw their father. Kris is very persistent and used to getting what she wants, and Brody and Brandon suffered because of it," the source said. "He has been spending a lot of time at his Malibu rental without Kris. Brody wants to be closer to his dad, but it's very hard with Kris in the picture, because she always has to make everything about her."

During the Greek family vacation, Brandon mentioned to Brody that Kris and Bruce didn't "share a room anymore."

"There's an imbalance within the house," Brandon said.

"That sounds like a relationship I don't want to be in," Brody said. "It's hard to hear he's not respected as much as he should be."

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