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Kate Middleton Post-Baby Body & Bump Fuels Controversy Over 'OK!' Magazine Cover Story

By Crystal Henderson, EnStars
on Jul 26, 2013 09:04 AM EDT
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Kate Middleton debut her newborn baby boy Prince George Alexander Louis Tuesday a day after she gave birth, and while the world was anxious for a first glimpse of the baby, other eyes were on the Duchess herself who flaunted her post-baby body.

Middleton, 31, looked beautiful in a blue polka-dotted dress by British designer Jenny Packham, as she was all smiles, gushing that she and Prince William couldn't be happier."

While her post-baby bump was still visible in her fitted dress,  British's OK! magazine released their latest issue the same day Middleton gave birth, reading, "Kate's Post-Baby Weight Loss Regime."

The story included an interview with someone described as a personal trainer who said, "She's [Middleton] super fit-her stomach will shrink straight back."

The cover quickly brought on a Twitter backlash who felt that the cover story was too soon. TV and radio presenter Katy Hill,  tweeted a picture of her body two month after birth, urging followers to boycott the magazine. 

"It just smacked of being so massively unfair," Hill said. "What do they think a post-partum woman looks like?"

Her comments immediately lit up with supporters. 

"There are some things that are just so obvious ... but actually nobody tells you them. Things like your belly,"  Hill said, recalling the first time she took a shower after giving birth.

"I looked down and I nearly fainted with shock. It looked like someone had strapped an old leather handbag to my stomach."

Tasmin Kelly, editor of Parentdish also backlashed against the OK!'s cover story, saying, "For this magazine cover line to be in UK shops on the very same day Kate left hospital with her newborn baby is contemptible."

"Women who do get back in shape fast may have an entourage of personal trainers and nutrition experts plus, and most importantly, someone to care for their baby while they are pursuing these ridiculous regimes," Kelly added.



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