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Amanda Bynes' Friend: 'Treatment Is Going Well' During Involuntary Psychiatric Hold [EXCLUSIVE]

By Amber James, EnStars
on Jul 31, 2013 10:16 AM EDT
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  • Amanda Bynes
  • (Photo : Twitter/ AmandaBynes)

Although Amanda Bynes remains under an involuntary psychiatric hold, following an incident where she allegedly started a fire in an elderly woman's driveway, her publicist pal claims she's doing well.

"Her treatment is going well and despite any reports to contrary, she is being receptive and seeking the help she so desperately has needed and deserves," Bynes' friend Jonathan Jaxson told EnStars on Wednesday.

"I am very happy and able to rest now knowing Amanda is getting help. She is a brilliant and amazing young woman who deserves the best. I hope she continues rehab for what ever her addictions may be outside of drugs. I am behind her 100-percent," he added.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Bynes was showing signs of "severe mental illness" and was suffering from "schizophrenic tendencies." However, despite her strange behavior, Bynes reportedly tested negative for all illegal drugs except marijuana. Later, a photo emerged showing the former Hairspray star hiding under a white sheet as she is wheeled between buildings by staff at the center in Ventura, Calif.

Bynes' parents headed to court on July 25 to seek conservatorship over their daughter. Rick and Lynn Bynes filed court documents asking a California judge to impose a conservatorship due to their daughter's apparent mental illness. At a hearing the next day, the judge did not make an immediate decision.

Bynes and her parents will be appearing in court on Aug. 9 to review the temporary conservatorship for the second time.

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In the filed legal documents, Bynes' parents revealed why they were seeking the conservatorship. According to TMZ, who obtained the documents, her parents stress Bynes' disconnect from reality.

"We are deeply concerned that Amanda poses a substantial risk to herself, to others and to property based on recent events in her life," they stated in the declaration. "She talks incessantly about cosmetic surgeries that she wants completed. She also encourages her mother to have plastic surgeries. We are concerned that the surgeries she wants to have are dangerous and detrimental to her health."

The papers also outlined Amanda's "extremely paranoid" behavior. "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut, and cover her car's dashboard with cardboard and tape" because she claimed that "cameras were watching her from inside these places.

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Her worried parents also touched upon her financial woes and claimed she had written "approximately $63,000 in checks...between the period of May 3, 2013 and July 19, 2013."

"We are informed and believe that a substantial amount of money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possible for plastic surgery," the declaration added.

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