Miley Cyrus Naked Tattoo PHOTOS: Man Gets Permanently Inked With 'Wrecking Ball' Singer's Racy 2013 MTV VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus' infamous 2013 MTV VMAs performance and racy Wrecking Ball video inspired one man so much -- he decided to get the singer's antics permanently inked on his skin.

Tattoo artist Scott Howard, who works at The Living Canvas Tattoo Studio in Buffalo, N.Y., posted the photo (above) on his Facebook with the caption, "Done did this for some poor kid hahah."

"There isn't really much story," Howard explained on his Instagram. "I draw all these stupid things and people actually want to get them done. Never stops surprising me."

The photo shows a full-color tattoo of a naked Miley, riding the wrecking ball from her Wrecking Ball video and the foam finger from her 2013 MTV VMA performance (which says "YOLO," aka. "You only live once.") 

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No word on who wanted this tattoo.

"You were generous with the boobs/pancakes!," one Facebook commenter pointed out. "I'm sure Miley would appreciate that."

Scott responded, "I was going for more of the pinup look."

What do you think of the tattoo? Sound off in the comments below! 

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