Stephen King Finally Joins Twitter; Suffers From Writer's Block

Author Stephen King finally joined Twitter on Dec. 6 and it seems like he literally had no words for the twitter verse.

He launched his Twitter account with a statement about being a complete newbie, asking followers to be kind.

"My first tweet. No longer a virgin. Be gentle," he wrote.

After a few hours he added a bit about how he was quite baffled by the fact that he couldn't come up with anything worthy of posting online, making him question his abilities as a writer. 

"On Twitter at last and can't think of a thing to say. Some writer I turned out to be," he tweeted on Dec. 6.

But seems like he finally had something to say the next day on Dec. 7. The Shining author wrote about a foreign TV show, The Returned, he has really been enjoying.

"Watching THE RETURNED. Scary and sexy. Fun to see a foreign TV show that hasn't been Americanized. That kid Victor's giving me nightmares," he tweeted.

The writer already has 169,880 followers.

The author released the sequel, Doctor Sleep, to his famous book, The Shining, which was later adapted to film by Stanley Kubrick, in November. He wrote the sequel 36 years later and spoke about his inspiration to do so at a book launch in Paris.

The 66-year-old author said that he always wanted to revisit the story for the character of Danny, Jack Torrance's psychic son.

"He never really left my mind," King said.

He also spoke about the fact that he was not particularly fond of sequels and usually wraps up the story and the charactar arcs in the book itself.

"I don't usually write sequels. When I get to the end of a story, I'm done with these people, not because I don't like them any more, but because I don't know what happens next," he said.

But King couldn't quite let go of Danny's character, who bred curiousity in him and ideas about what happened to the character "started to form in his head."

In the sequel Danny is also an alcoholic just like his father was.

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