Justin Bieber 'Journals' Album Tracklist, Release Date, Lyrics & VIDEOS; Will You Buy It?

Just in time for the holidays, Justin Bieber will release a collection called Journals featuring the tracks he debuted as part of his "Music Mondays" project plus five additional songs.

Journals will only be available for purchase on iTunes from Dec. 16 to Jan. 2, 2014. It will be Bieber's temporary collection of the 10 tracks he released on social media since October, and will also include a couple of videos and the trailer for his Believe documentary.

He kicked off the "Music Mondays" series on Oct. 7 will Heartbreaker.

"Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker/ 'Cause girl my heart's breaking," he sings on the chorus. "Don't tell me you're my heartbreaker/ 'Cause girl my heart's breaking (heartbreaker)."

Mid-song, Bieber goes: "So what I'm really tryin to say is, and what I hope you understand/ Is despite all the imperfections of who I am I still wanna be your man."

The rest of the tracklist for Journals is as follows:

All That Matters:

"Just as sure as the stars in the sky/I need you to shine in the light/Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time/ better believe it," he begins the R&B-inspired track by singing. The chorus reads:

"You're all that matters to me/Yeah yeah, ain't worry about nobody else/If I ain't with you, I with myself/You make me complete/You're all that matters to me."

Hold Tight:

"Don't let this go to your head/but you're the best I've ever had...Not to mention/That thing is swollen/You got me oh so in the trance...They hold on tight/Yeah, they hold on tight/Ooh, they hold on tight/Them lips won't let me go/(Lips won't let me go, lips won't let me go, oh)."


"First I'll acknowledge/Your trust has been broken now/A successful recovery/I pray for us at night," he starts the track by singing.
"Blessed me with a second chance/Never thought I'd see your face again/Learned a lot through trial and error/Tryna make it right."

All Bad:

During the chorus he belts out, "They try to get at me/Behind your back/Tryin' to tell me that I'm just like the others/But I ain't all bad/No, no, I ain't all bad/All bad, all bad/I ain't all bad/All bad, all bad."

PYD featuring R. Kelly:

"From the door to the wall/Coffee table girl get ready/I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)" Bieber sings. "From the stove to the counter top dining room table are you ready?/I'mma put you down (PYD PYD PYD)/Up the stairs to my bedroom, light a few candles brace yourself/I'mma put you down."

Change Me debuted Dec. 2.

"Maybe you could be the light / That opens up my eyes/ Make all my wrongs right / Change me, change me...I'd go out of my way/To live by the words that you say/I don't wanna be the same."

Confident featuring Chance:

"She said it's her first time / I think she might of lied / Feels so good damn, and I don't know why / I'm addicted, something like a headache/ Got me twisted, but still I gotta have it," he sings.

"She's got a body like that/I ain't never seen nothing like that/Like a fantasy in front of me," Bieber continues. "I think that something special is going down/That's right I thinks she foreign/Think she foreign, got passports."

The five additional tracks on Journals, yet to be released, are:

Memphis featuring Diplo and Big Sean
One Life
What's Hatnin' featuring Future
Backpack featuring Lil Wayne
Swap It Out

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