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'Fast & Furious 7' Spoilers: Kurt Russell Reveals His Character's Possible Connection With Brian O'Conner? [VIDEO]

Kurt Russell will be making an appearance in Fast & Furious 7 and recently spoke about working with the late Paul Walker as well as expected changes in the film's script.

By Sam Machado, EnStars on Jan 13, 2014 05:16 PM EST
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Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious (Photo : Fast and Furious/Movie Poster)

Kurt Russell will be making an appearance in Fast & Furious 7 and recently spoke about working with the late Paul Walker as well as expected changes in the film's script.

Russell and the film's leading star worked together for only a brief time before Walker's sudden death in November 2013.

Replacement Cast For Paul Walker's Upcoming Roles

"That was a terrific guy," Russell told Entertainment Weekly. "I just met him on the [movie] and I was just very stuck by how similar our lives are and how we looked at life. All the things he did outside of acting that he really enjoyed were similar to the things I like to do. He was a hell of a good guy."

Vin Diesel Helps 'Fast & Furious 7' Studio Find New Direction After Paul Walker Death?

Walker said in a September interview with MTV that Russell will play somewhat of "father figure-slash-older brother that Brian never had," referring to his character. There was also a possibility that Russell's character would die.

Russell is how waiting to see the changes the Fast 7 production team will make due to Walker's death. 

"I'm waiting to hear what we're going to do and how that's going to go forward," Russell said. "At this time, we were talking about [my character] possibly going into a future episode as a sort of father-figure to Vin and Paul's character- or possibly die in Fast and Furious 7."

"The character was created to go either way, and it will be interesting to see what they do now, if there's any change in that. I don't know if there will be," he added. "But obviously, they're working hard on doing what they have to do to try to make that thing work. I think they're going to gear up again in February or March, so we'll see."

Fast and Furious 7 is set for a release date on April 10, 2015.

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