'Batman vs. Superman' Movie: Former Lex Luthor Calls Jesse Eisenberg's Upcoming Portrayal 'Effeminate'? [VIDEO]

One of the most significant names to play Lex Luthor over the years has voiced his opinion on the casting of Jesse Eisenberg for Batman vs. Superman.

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Clancy Brown, who has voiced Lex Luthor in numerous projects for film and television, spoke to Comic Book Resources recently about Eisenberg's casting and what makes him different from previous actors who portrayed the character.

"Well, he's a pretty specific actor. He's not a chameleon like [Gene] Hackman or [Kevin] Spacey. He has a similar smugness the way that Spacey does -- that highly-intelligent, super-smug, almost effeminate kind of smugness about him -- but he's way more current," Brown said.

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"He has a really specific persona engrained that is super-smart. You don't necessarily like him, but you don't dislike him. You don't necessarily think he's a good, fun guy -- you see him as a real quirky, weird dude. You don't completely trust him, although he's kind of adorable in his nerdy way."

He went on to explain that Lex Luthor is similar, in terms of being attractive for his intelligence and his ego. He added that Eisenberg carries that ambition and intelligence really well.

"It's why I think it shines through, why his attractiveness shines through, because deep down he's a good guy," Brown explained. "But he also has this kind of intellectual persona that's unsettling. It's almost reptilian, which is something I think Lex carries with him."

Very few details have been revealed about Lex Luthor's role and storyline in Batman vs. Superman, though Enstars previously reported on a supposed draft of the script that reveals Lex to be inked-up and very street-smart due to a rough upbringing.

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled for release in theaters on May 6, 2016.

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