Amanda Bynes Twitter: Reported Secret Account Being Run By An Imposter? [PHOTOS]

While her official Twitter account appears to show a happier and healthier Amanda Bynes, an account that some suspect she is secretly running continues to tell a different story.

Amanda Bynes 'Moving On' From Hollywood?

Bynes denied having the secret account, which uses the handle of PersianLA27, but the account remains active and appears to be devoted to showing a side of Bynes that is more like the version fans saw back in 2013.

The most recent incident on the account was a response to a tweet written by an Amanda Bynes fan.

Amanda Bynes Doing Well Post-Rehab?

"Amanda Bynes was on our flight and I tried to take a selfie when she walked through the aisle and she made me delete it...she was rude," Jordyn Duncan wrote on March 31.

On April 2, PersianLA27, who goes by the name of Ashley Barks, responded saying, "That's life Thanks for understanding."

The account user, who has also denied being the actress, has been sending a confusing message to fans for some time, often posting photos and writing tweets that suggest she isn't who she claims to be.

Earlier in March the user tweeted a photo of a young Bynes, young Katy Perry, Michelle Trachtenberg and Perez Hilton to the famous celebrity blogger.

Though Bynes had written on her official account 10 days earlier that she only had the one account, Hilton responded to the photo tweet from "Ashley," writing, "That was such a fun night!" implying he believed it was a secret account that Bynes was behind as well.

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