iPhone 5 Features New Dock, Requires New Purchase for Thin Design


Among the new features of the iPhone 5, Apple is believed to be creating a new charging port for the upcoming smartphone. This new feature will require a whole new charger and brand new accessories to be purchased.

The Daily Mail reports that the new pin charger for the iPhone 5 is similar to a micro USB. If the rumor for this new iPhone design is true, old charging docks, and speaker will become defunct for Apple followers. However, many suspect that this new and smaller charging port is the result of a smaller iPhone 5 as a whole. 

"Apple Inc.'s...next iPhone, currently being manufactured...will use a new technology that makes the...screen thinner. ... Japanese [LCD] makers Sharp...Japan Display...[and] South Korea's LG Display...are currently mass producing panels for the next iPhone using...in-cell technology," Juro Osawa and Lorraine Luk state, reporting rumors from Honkers. 

A thinner screen, they continued to report, means that more space in the device could be powered up with battery to give the phone longer life. 

Because of the hi-tech manufacturing process, the iPhone 5 release date can be pushed back further into the fall, discrediting the September/October release date many are expecting.

Karsten Strauss, a Forbes contributor, says that a possible release date seems likely during the holiday season, after Thanksgiving, although a date is still uncertain.

CNET reports that the iPhone 5 has amazing features, but many people forget about the fact that the Apple smartphone is also a phone. Many use the device for Twitter, Facebook, apps, photos, and text-messaging. However, few are actually concerned about the phone call ability the Apple product offers. 

Apple ordinarily refuses to release any official information regarding their new devices, and like to allow leaks and rumors to help raise expectation and profile for their latest technologies. 

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