Six Women Rape Man to Death in Nigeria; Jealous Wives Forced Husband


A man has been "raped to death" by his wives. The wealthy Nigerian business man who acquired six wives, died after being forced into having sex with his jealous wives.

Uroko Onoja was spending time with his youngest wife, sparking jealousy among the five older wives. They reportedly came onto him with knives and sticks, demanding that he have sex with each of them too.

Onoja, who reportedly tried to resist his wives, eventually succumbed and was forced to have sex with each of his wives, according to Nigeria's Daily Post. But after his fourth session, he reportedly "stopped breathing" as the fifth wife was about to have her turn.

According to Onoja's youngest wife, the five wives ran into the forest when they realized that their husband was dead.

The incident happened in the east-central Benue state of Nigeria and his death was reported as "raped to death."

The five jealous wives allegedly held a meeting before Onoja returned home from a bar in the early hours of the morning and planned to force him to perform his marital duties. He is to have stopped breathing after having sex with four of his wives - one after the other.

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