'The Wendy Williams Show' Season 6 Premiere; WATCH Hot Topics Queen Eat Crow Because Kim & Kanye Are Still Married [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams proved that she is a woman of her word, and ate actual crow during the premiere episode of her new season adding a new depth of "oh-my-goodness" to must-see TV.

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Season 6 of The Wendy Williams Show started off with a foodie-nightmare and proof of why gambling is not the best use of personal time. A few months ago, during one of her controversially amazing hot topic rants, the 50-year-old host bet that Kanye and Kim Kardashian would not stay married for more than 73 days.

Due to her track record of having skirts longer than past her marriages (no shade, all truth), Williams thought that her bet was a lock, as in her mind, divorce was inevitable. Unfortunately for her, the two seem to be happier than ever with baby North and a whole new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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As her colorful audience egged her on, screaming, "Eat it!" to the top of their lungs, she chomped down on the professionally prepared bottom feeder.

That's right. Wendy is way too fabulous to pick up any old crow off of the street and eat it, she had renowned gourmet chef Kevin Boroughs cook it to perfection. Her mouth even watered at the aroma of all of spices, vegetables and bacon added in the stew.

To see Wendy eat crow and to see her hilarious reaction, watch the video below:

Lesson learned: Be careful what you bet on, especially on live TV.

Would you eat crow? Tweet us @Enstars to let us know. In Utah, people actually hunt and eat it as a delicacy.

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