Holiday Gifts for Her 2014: Buy Beyoncé Inspired Sweatshirts from '7/11' Video, 'Flawless' Phone Case & More for Christmas Beyhive Fan! [VIDEO]

Want to dress like Beyoncé or do you have a woman in your life that would? Well, you're in luck. Get the details and a jump start to your holiday shopping with Enstars Ultimate Gift Guide for the Beyoncé Fan in You.

#ICYMI: WATCH Beyonce's Newest "7/11" Video

Beyoncé's newest video, "7/11," features the 33-year-old mother in an array of Christmas sweaters inspired by her music catalogue. After her video "broke the Internet," fans wanted to know where they could purchase the sweaters. Now, the queen of the Beyhive has released them on her personal site just in time for the Holidays.

If you know a woman (or man), at this point, they probably love Beyoncé. It's almost impossible not to after her killer performance at the 2014 VMA's, her amazing work ethic and her undeniable talent. So, why not spoil the fans in your family and get one of these sweater as a gift? Your mom, sister, girlfriend or boyfriend will love you for it! Thank us, later.

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1. Beyonce's "Cake By the Pound" Sweater ($65)

The saying on this sweater was taken from Bey's hit song, "Yonce," which appeared on her latest visual album, BEYONCE. But, whoever you get this sweater for will already know that. Plus, it comes in two colors, just in case grey isn't his or her thing.

2. "No Angel" Tee ($35)

Beyoncé's song, "No Angel," is just the right balance of good and bad, which is why this tee has flowers and harsh writing. Get it? Got it? Good! Buy it.

3. Phone Cases

Just in case you forget how fabulous you are while wearing a Bey-inspired clothing item, you can always get reminded every time you look down at your phone. Who wouldn't want 'FLAWLESS' on the back of their phone? Uhhh, no brainer.

4. The "All I'm Really Askin' For is You" Sweater

Bey Bey is so clever. This line comes from her song, "Mine," with actor turned rapper Drake but these words also apply to Christmas time romance. If you need an example, use Mariah Carey's classic, "All I Want for Christmas is You," and proceed to read between the lines. If it's for your significant other, it could be the sweet gesture to start a great, winter night.

5. Beyoncé's Nail Wrap Collection with NCLA

If you don't have time for a manicure in between seeing family and friends, use Beyonce's new nail wrap collection to spruce up your entire look. Each of the four wraps are inspired by her music, including "Blow" and "Mine."

Shop this and more on Would you buy these items for the Beyoncé fan in your life? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments, below.

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