Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson 2014: Actress Had To Question 'The Right Way To Behave,' Reveals Something She Finds 'Embarrassing' [VIDEO]

Movie actress Kristen Stewart dished on what she had to do ever since she became a famous hit in the entertainment industry where she revealed something that she finds embarrassing.

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On Saturday, Malay Mail Online posted the details on the actress who mentioned that she's had to be more careful after she suddenly became famous for her infamous role as Bella in the Twilight movies.

"At the start, the main thing was to set boundaries," Stewart told the German edition of Glamour magazine. "What do I share, what don't I? What is the right way to behave? I found that difficult."

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The actress went on about how she doesn't really approve when famous people go out of their way to make sure their names are all over the media. So she basically went in a different direction to steer clear of that path.

"I've always thought it embarrassing when actors find themselves so interesting that they're willing to sell themselves like a product," she said. "In order not to go that way, I must have gone a little too far in the opposite direction."

This was probably a challenge for Stewart since she not only starred in a famous franchise of films, but she dated her on-screen lover Robert Pattinson. This led to plenty of chatter in the media especially when their relationship ended allegedly due to an affair the actress had with one of her directors.

Stewart made it clear that she will only let her words out if she has something worth saying.

"The things I talk about have to be deep and meaningful," she said.

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