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Shakira Pregnant Rumors Overshadowed by Sex Tape Scandal with Gerard Pique

on Sep 02, 2012 09:16 PM EDT
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  • Colombian singer Shakira performs "Loca" at the 12th annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 10, 2011.
  • Colombian singer Shakira performs "Loca" at the 12th annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nev. (Nov. 10, 2011) (Photo : Reuters)

Shakira's pregnancy reports were overshadowed with rumors that a sex tape of the Colombian beauty with her Spanish boyfriend Gerard Pique is on the market waiting for the best buyer.

According to Spanish magazine Invervieu, a famous celebrity manager was approached in Barcelona, Spain three weeks ago by a man and a woman who wanted to show him what they claimed was a sex tape of Shakira and her boyfriend.

The manager said he can't tell for sure that it is Shakira. "I thought that it had been edited," he said. 

"The video lasts about 15 minutes. I guess it's recorded with a mobile phone by an employee who was in the cockpit of the boat," the anonymous manager told Invervieu in late August.

"It has low quality, the images move and are blurry...Shakira comes out from the lower cabin in bikini. Pique is by her side, you can also see some drinks and then they start to touch, romantically. Then let's say things oveflow," he added.

The tape could be released at any moment now, according to Mexican tabloid TV Notas.

Although the magazine doesn't reveal who the mysterious sellers are, there is strong speculation that they are Shakira's former employees who are suing her and have threatened to divulge details of her private life.

The former employees sued the Colombian singer claiming she fired them after they refused to prepare her a plate of food in the middle of the night.

But the "Loca" singer sued them for defamation and extortion, according to Colombian publication El Espectador.

"There is clear evidence of intentions to defame and cause harm to my client by taking advantage of her public persona and spotless personal reputation in exchange for money," Shakira's lawyer Ezequiel A. Camerini told El Espectador.

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