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Chis Brown Girlfriend: Karrueche Tran Kissing Another Man (PHOTO)

By Sonya Magett, EnStars
on Sep 17, 2012 03:01 PM EDT
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  • Karrueche Tran
  • Karrueche Tran (Photo : Instagram/Karrueche)
  • Photo Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters - Singer Chris Brown accepts the award for "Best R&B Album" for "F.A.M.E." at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012.
  • Singer Chris Brown accepts the award for "Best R&B Album" for "F.A.M.E." at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 2012. (Photo : REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

After Chris Brown kissed his ex-girlfriend Rihanna at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on national television in front of a live audience it appears his girlfriend Karrueche Tran has decided to do some lip locking of her own.

Tran posted a photo of her kissing another man in a near lipkiss to her Instagram account, on Saturday, Sept. 15.

"Forgot this from last hair weave killa," she wrote.

Tran has been silent on the issue of Brown kissing the "We Found Love" singer at the annual awards ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 6.

The day after pictures and videos of the controversial kiss went viral, Tran posted an image to Instagram.

"Treat your girl right," Tran tweeted. "You can't expect the best when you're not giving your best." It still is not clear whether her messages were directed at Brown.  

The aspiring model, 23, is "totally pissed off" with her beau of nearly a year after he congratulated his ex for her Video of the Year with an overwhelming display of affection, a source told Us Weekly.

"She felt the kiss was a public slap in the face," said a source close to Tran.

The source added that Brown decided to attend the VMAs at the last minute without letting his girlfriend know.

"[Karrueche] and Rihanna really hate one another and Chris ultimately just does what he wants," the source said. "Seeing him with Rihanna at such a public event made her very angry."

Tran has had a lot to deal with throughout her relationship with Chris Brown since they have been together.

After a heated exchange with Rihanna on Twitter, the Bajan beauty revealed on "Oprah's Next Chapter" on Aug.19 that she is "very, very close friends" with Brown and that she truly still loves him.

"We love each other and we probably always will," Rihanna told Oprah Winfrey. "I have forgiven him. It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time. I truly love him."

On September 4, Rihanna tweeted a photo that read, "There's a difference between having a real relationship and just being together because that's all you're used to. There's a difference between meaning your 'I love yous' and just saying them every night because 'that's what you do'. There's a difference between being together and wanting to be together. It's a relationship, not a routine."

On Sept. 9, she tweeted a photo of her latest tattoo, a tribute to her grandmother. The "underboob" tattoo features a kneeling Isis with wings spread out directly under her chest.

When the pop star went out to dinner in Los Angeles on Sept. 11, she was sporting removable gold grill teeth and similiarities were compared to when Brown also sported gold grill teeth in July.

On Sept.12, Brown tweeted a picture of his new tattoo on his chest that also incorporates wings - an air fighter jet.

Reports claim the former couple are having a subliminal tete' a tete with each another and the exes still consider themselves "soul mates."

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