Bristol Palin 'Way Hotter Mom' Comments: Says Julianne Moore Not Hot Enough to Play Sarah Palin

Bristol Palin remains on "Dancing With the Stars."

Sarah Palin, former vice-presidential candidate, showed up for the taping of the dance competition to support her daughter.

Bristol Palin also supported her mother by talking about Sarah's film portrayal by actress Julianne Moore in "Game Change."

"I don't think [Julianne Moore's] a good interpreter of my mom," Palin said to E!. "I think my mom is way hotter than that. I think she doesn't have that accent. It's kind of silly, but my mom's awesome."

Bristol was in the bottom two on this week's show, potentially following suit of Pamela Anderson and Joey Fatone who have been kicked off previously

"Um, I'm definitely not the best dancer," Bristol said. "But I'm having a good time. I think I'm the most improved and I'm just out there to do better each week."

She also doesn't think people will vote against her due to her controversial presence. "I think people are just going to vote for their favorite, regardless of anything."

Bristol has also been the target of threats against her appearance on the reality television dancing show.

An unusual package was delivered to the CBS lot in Hollywood that contained suspicious white powder on Wednesday.

Security was alerted and emergency workers were brought to the lot to take care of the package. The white powder has been sent to a lab, but so far there is no reason to suspect that it's anything harmful.

This was an apparent threat directed to the executives of the hit show for having Bristol Palin on the cast, according to a report by . A note was attached that stated more packages of the same nature would be sent to the studio lot if Palin, the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sara Palin, wasn't removed from the show.

An investigation is being launched to identify the person responsible. So far the authorities are treating these threats as credible.

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