Miley Cyrus Tattoo Obsessed Fan Carl McCoid Called 'Creepy' 'Psychopath' on Twitter After New Documentary Airs [PHOTOS]


A fan obsessed with Miley Cyrus has set Twitter ablaze on Friday after he was featured on "My Tattoo Addiction, " a documentary about people obsessed with tattoos aired on the U.K.  Thursday evening.

The controversial fan, Carl McCoid, showed off his 16 tattoos of the singer and explained that he is deeply in love with Miley Cyrus and wants to show it to the world, but when he was asked if he has ever reached out to the singer to tell her about his tattoos he said he would be too "embarrassed" to do it.

McCoid has a tattoo of Cyrus' face on his arm, her name in his knuckles and chest among other places, names of her songs such as "Liberty Walk," and "Can't Be Tamed"  on his arms and reproductions of her signature on the side of each hand.

Apparently,  all his tattoos have double meanings relating to his life at present, according to a review of the TV show by the site

His obsession is not limited to his body. The fan's house is covered with huge posters of the singer as well.

However, for some of the singer's fans, McCoid represents a threat. Some call him "creepy," and a "psychopath." Some of them are mostly concerned that he is 39 years old, unusual for the type of demographics that tend to listen to Cyrus' music.

"If I was Miley Cyrus I would be TERRIFIED. Utterly TERRIFIED," Twitter user EmmaK67 wrote on Friday.

"Oh my god...that is soo creepy!!" one Twitter user named @JenissaLyn wrote today.

"That Miley Cyrus tattoo person is an absolute psychopath! The look in his eyes of just pure insanity," wrote another user named Coling Noel Talbot .

This is not the first time that McCoid is making headlines.  In July he was featured on U.K.'s Daily Mail defending his obsession for the singer.

"Loads of people get all sorts of things tattooed onto their bodies, like Chinese symbols, or pictures of cartoon characters, why shouldn't I be allowed to have loads of Miley Cyrus tattoos?" McCoid told The Daily Mail.

The man, reportedly a housecleaner, spent 500 pounds ($800) getting tattoos of Miley and he has never seen Cyrus perform.

On his Twitter account McCoid chats with another Miley Cyrus fans and follows her every step.

It's not creepy he is a genuine fan, her fans are not limited to a certain age group," a Twitter user with the name @ErinLovesCyrus wrote.

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