Election Results 2012: Barack Obama Leads Popular Vote, Florida Still Uncertain


Though it has been two whole days since Barack Obama official won a second term as president of the United States, the final wave of election results are still pouring in.

As of Thursday morning, Obama was significantly ahead of his Republican challenger Mitt Romney in both the electoral and popular votes.

The electoral vote count hasn't changed since Tuesday evening. Obama stands strong at 303 votes — far above the 270 he needed to win — and Romney lingers significantly behind him at 206 electoral votes.

In the popular vote, Obama has widened his lead over the last couple of days. Romney actually had a larger share of the popular vote at the time Obama's win was projected by the major media networks, but as more precincts have reported results, Obama has pulled ahead.

The president secured 50 percent of the popular vote, while Romney got 48 percent. In terms of the actual vote tally, Obama brought in 60.7 million votes, while 57.9 million Americans voted for Romney, according to CNN.

The final state that is still too close to call is Florida, which has yet to declare a winner and award its 29 electoral votes.

The Associated Press reported Thursday morning that President Obama is presently ahead in Florida, but only by an incredibly small margin.

"Obama leads the count 49.9 percent to Romney's 49.3 percent. That's a difference of about 47,000 votes out of 8.3 million cast," the AP report said.

About 97 percent of Florida's votes have been counted at this point, but there are still tens of thousands of absentee and provisional ballots that must be tabulated before an official result can be delivered.

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