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Rihanna GQ Cover: Strips Naked for December 2012 Issue [Photo]

By Sonya Magett, EnStars
on Nov 14, 2012 01:32 AM EST
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  • Rihanna
  • Rihanna arrives for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. (Photo : Reuters)

Rihanna bares it all for one of three covers for GQ's December 2012 "Men of the Year (And One Hot Woman)" Issue.

And the Bajan beauty reveals herself again on the inside for a titillating photo spread and the magazine's interview.

View Rihanna's racy photo spread for GQ magazine here

The "Diamonds" singer is in the buff except for a black cropped motorcycle jacket. She strategically placed her arms over her nether regions. The racy photo shoot is one of her efforts to promote her upcoming album, "Unapologetic."

In the GQ interview, the 24-year-old addressed the Chris Brown/Drake brawl, what she wants in a relationship and how she sees herself.

"There's no proof of that being for my love," she said when questioned about the bottle-bashing fight between Brown and Drake's camps in June.

When asked about how sexual she appears to be in the eyes of the public, she replied: "That comes from my culture, that's just the way it's always been, and I think that for people, especially in America, they make it like the forbidden fruit, but that only makes kids more curious."

Rihanna shared what she wants in a relationship - to
 "feel like a woman."

"I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, like I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead," she explained.

As for her take on love, she said, "Love makes you go places you probably wouldn't ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits."

"Sometimes a person looks at me and sees dollars, she explaind about her image. "They see numbers and they see a product. I look at me and see art. If I didn't like what I was doing, then I would say I was committing slavery. "

"Unapologetic" LP will be released on Nov. 19.

Two other covers for GQ's December 2012 issue feature Ben Affleck and Channing Tatum. The actors both landed GQ's 2012 Men Of The Year honor for their success with their films "Argo" and "Magic Mike" respectively. 

The December 2012 issue of GQ hits newsstands nationwide on November 20.

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