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Human Barbie Fake? Valeria Lukyanova Video Proves PhotoShop Used, Alleges Website (WATCH VIDEO)

By Sonya Magett, EnStars
on Nov 20, 2012 03:56 PM EST
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  • Valeria Lukyanova.
  • Valeria Lukyanova. (Photo : Facebook/Valeria Lukyanova.)

Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrainian woman known as "Human Barbie" has been considered a "fraud" by a website.

And the accusation isn't based on plastic surgery. posted a video of Lukyanova to provide proof that she uses PhotoShop to edit and alter her Facebook photos to make her appear more doll-like.

"This girl is a FRAUD. She had been badly photoshopping her photos since the beginning of her time online," alleges the website.

The website says the model uses Photoshop and posted a video where she looks drastically different from her photos that can be seen on her Facebook page. 

"Her videos aren't photoshopped. Does she still look the same? There is a ton more of videos out there and as you can see from them, she looks nothing like she does when she photoshops her photos. Not only are her looks fake/photoshopped this girl is also mentally insane.'"

In the video, Lukyanova addressed the criticism she received about her head often being seen tilted in her video clips. She explained in her native tongue that her neck is too thin to support her head.

"Mean people.. Can't you understand I have neck problems? And I can't hold my neck straight," she said, while flipping her head back and forth proactively as she complains about her "thin and fragile neck, and big head."

"Everyone who will try to ask me about my neck at least one more time in their life will be banned immediately," she added.

Lukyanova recently posed in her first professional photo shoot for V Magazine.

In a stance against her critics, the blonde beauty told V that she is happy she seems unreal to them as "it means I'm doing a good job."

While a rep for the model, artist and singer told ABC News that the only plastic surgery she has had is a breast enhancement, Lukyanova claimed to achieve her look with just makeup.

"I'm an idealist and a perfectionist, and I want my looks to reflect the world within me and how I feel," she explained.

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