5 Seconds of Summer Music 2015: Why Did Aussies Plan ‘To Push The Guitars’ More On Second Album? [VIDEO]

5 Seconds of Summer released a new single last week, which carries a different sound from their previous releases.

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The Australian pop/punk rockers have gradually come into a rockier sound that is incredibly catchy and reminiscent of the '90s while still maintaining the unique flare of what music in 2015 sounds like.

Anyway, "She's Kinda Hot" is a new mark for the foursome and is a glimpse at what's to come on their forthcoming second studio album.

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Ashton Irwin revealed to Billboard how the change in sound came about.

"We'd always planned to push the guitars further than the first album, so we went into the second album knowing that we wanted to articulate the music in a way that we play it live, which is almost heavier," the drummer shared.

The guitar riffs in "She's Kinda Hot" are definitely thoroughly articulated! They're integral parts of the rockier jam from the Aussies.

"And it's kind of changed things to make it more interactive with an audience and better for an audience in a live experience, but we wanted to get that into our recordings, so we had that idea from the beginning," Irwin added.

The drummer than dished a bit on the new single, sharing, "We kind of planned on it being a song of revolution for our fans."

"And we made up the lyric 'We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene,' and the idea of the 'new broken scene' is of a revolution for our fans to get behind. It's almost for the misfits and stuff like that, and it's for us to give our fans a place to belong," he explained.

It definitely sounds as though the band has matured lyrically and sound-wise since dropping their debut album.

Irwin's bandmate Michael Clifford tweeted his excitement on Thursday about this forthcoming album.

It definitely appears as though they're all very proud of what they created and cannot wait to share it entirely with their fans.

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