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Miley Cyrus

May 17 09:36 PM

Miley Cyrus Reveals That Katy Perry Hit 'I Kissed A Girl' is About Her

Ever wonder who Katy Perry was talking about in her hit song, 'I Kissed A Girl'? Well worry no more, because the answer has recently been revealed.

Dancing With the Stars

May 22 12:00 PM

Breaking Down The Final 3 Of 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 24: Normani Kordei's Upcoming Victory Steamroll (VIDEO)

Tonight is the much anticipated finale of 'Dancing With The Stars.' Below we share our breakdown of the remaining contestants and our prediction for the winner.

Gwen Stefani

May 17 10:26 AM

'The Voice' Top 8 Results Recap: The Bloodbath Survivors and Predictions for Top 4

The final 4 were announced tonight. Did your favorites survive the infamous bloodbath?

Katy Perry

May 17 10:18 AM

Katy Perry Officially Joins 'American Idol' Reboot As a Judge

After tons of speculation, some official information has come out that Katy Perry will be joining 'American Idol' for its reboot as a judge.

Kendall Jenner

May 16 07:51 PM

Kendall Jenner Hilariously Fails At Riding A Bike (VIDEO)

In a video posted on Khloe Kardashian's Instagram, Kendall Jenner is shown hilariously failing at bike riding. The video is a must see.


May 16 07:46 PM

Jimmy Kimmel Announced As Host Of 'The Oscars' For The Second Year In A Row

For the second year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel has been announced as the host for 'The Oscars.' All the details of this exciting announcement are below.

The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Calls it Off With Lauren Bushnell

May 16 05:48 PM

'The Bachelor's' Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Call It Quits

Ben Higgins from 'The Bachelor' has called it quits with his fiance, Lauren Bushnell. All the details are below.

Rosario Dawson

May 16 07:42 PM

'Rent' and 'Sin City' Star Rosario Dawson Finds Dead Cousin in her Venice House

Famed actress, Rosario Dawson, found a cousin of hers dead in her house last Thursday. Details of the situation are now coming forward.

Powers Boothe Dies In His Sleep

May 15 05:10 PM

'Agents Of SHIELD' and 'Deadwood' Star Powers Boothe Dies In His Sleep at Age 68

Acclaimed actor, Powers Boothe has died in his sleep at the age of 68.

L.A. Reid Quits 'Epic Records' Amid Harassment Allegations

May 15 05:03 PM

L.A. Reid Leaves 'Epic Records' As Harrassment Allegations From Female Staff Member Surface

L.A. Reid has parted ways with 'Epic Records' as harassment allegations have surfaced.

Katy Perry

May 15 02:43 PM

Katy Perry Reportedly In Advanced Negotiations To Become 'American Idol' Judge

A new rumor has hit the 'Idol' reboot discussions. Katy Perry is said to be in heavy negotiations to join the show as a judge.

Harry Styles Promoting His Album

May 12 03:36 PM

Harry Styles On Going Solo For His New Album: “I Just Realized That I Found Writing To Be Very Therapeutic.”

Harry Styles's new album has been released today. Styles has kept himself quite busy promoting the album all week.

Caitlyn Jenner

May 12 02:01 PM

Caitlyn Jenner On Her Gender Reassignment Surgery: 'What's Between Your Legs Doesn’t Define Who You Are'

Caitlyn Jenner broke her silence on her gender reassignment surgery in a Larry King interview. The details are below.

Simon Cowell

May 12 11:23 AM

Simon Cowell On Potentially Returning For The 'Idol' Reboot: “I Was Asked To Do It, And The Answer Is No.”

News has come out that Simon Cowell was asked to return to 'Idol' for its reboot, but decided to turn it down.

Kelly Clarkson Joins 'The Voice' As A Coach For Season 14

May 11 09:33 PM

Kelly Clarkson Joins 'The Voice' As A Coach For Season 14

In an unprecedented shocking turn of events, original 'Idol' winner, Kelly Clarkson, has signed on with 'The Voice' as a coach. This comes amid rumors that Clarkson would be joining 'Idol' for its reboot.

Steve Harvey

May 11 04:27 PM

Leaked Steve Harvey Memo Reveals New Set Of Office Rules: “Do Not Approach Me”

A leaked memo from Steve Harvey speaks harshly to his office staff. Is his tone justified though?

Chris Berman

May 11 03:43 PM

Family of Chris Berman Releases Statement About Katherine's Death: 'Kathy Berman Had A Huge Heart'

Chris Berman's family has recently issued a statement regarding the passing of Katherine Berman, who was killed in a car crash on Tuesday.

Ariel Winter

May 11 03:33 PM

Ariel Winter On Growing Up On The Set Of Modern Family: 'They Definitely Treat Me Like An Adult Now' (VIDEO)

Ariel Winter stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to discuss growing up on the set of 'Modern Family.' She shared stories from behind the scenes.

May 11 03:35 PM

Corey Monteith's Birthday Remembrance: Social Media Comes Together to Mourn 'Glee' Star

Today would have been 'Glee' star, Corey Monteith's 35th birthday. Social media has come together to share thoughts and rememberance about him.

Jennifer Hudson

May 11 02:10 PM

Jennifer Hudson Announced as New Celebrity Coach for Season 13 Of The Voice

A new face will be joining NBC's The Voice for season 13. Critically acclaimed actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson is the most recent addition to the show's coaching panel.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

May 10 05:03 PM

Jennifer Lopez on New Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez: 'He Does All The Important Stuff for Me'

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem to be very happy together. Breaking down their relationship, one of the things the couple have in common is their love for music and dancing.

Ellen and Nicole receive cooking tips from Giada

May 10 04:47 PM

Giada De Laurentiis Tries (And Mostly Fails) To Teach Ellen Degeneres and Nicole Kidman How To Cook (VIDEO)

In a recent episode, famed celebrity chef, Giada De Laurentiis, tried to teach Ellen Degeneres and Nicole Kidman how to cook some dishes. The results are hilariously bad.

Normani Kordei

May 15 12:16 PM

Breaking Down The Final 4 Of Dancing With The Stars: Who Has What It Takes To Win (VIDEO)

Only 4 dancers remain on this season of Dancing With The Stars. Below we break down the contestants and predict whether or not they have what it takes to win it all.

Harry Styles Performing On The Today Show

May 09 03:56 PM

Harry Styles Shows Off New Style And Performs Songs from His Upcoming Album On The Today Show

Rocking his new style, Harry Styles performed some of his new songs for the Today Show.


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Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers Receives a Community Service Sentence For Sharing Photo of Naked Lady Showering At a Gym

Dani Mather has recieved a community service sentence following the Snapchat photo she shared that body shamed a naked lady showering at a gym. The post outraged millions, and some feel that she got off easy.

Chris Cornell With His Wife Vicky

Vicky Cornell Describes Final Night and Conversation with Husband Chris Cornell: “You Don't Sound Right, Sweetheart”

Vicky Cornell has come forward and shared more details about her final conversation with late husband Chris Cornell. The story is chilling to hear.

American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warriors Airs First Ever Celebrity Episode As Segment For Red Nose Day Event (VIDEO)

Last night at the Red Nose Day event on NBC, a group of stars competed on the first ever celebrity edition of 'American Ninja Warrior.' The contestants were competing to raise money for charity.

Entertainer Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran To Testify After Delayed Court Date

Karrueche Tran will take the stand in her court battle with Chris Brown. Read more to find out why a judge gave them both more time.

Love Actually

Social Media Celebrates #RedNoseDay With Help from NBC Special and 'Love Actually' Reunion (VIDEO)

Today is Red Nose Day, and social media is already buzzing with Tweets from celebrities who are sharing in the festivities. The 'Love Actually' cast has even reunited for a special sketch in celebration that will air tonight on NBC.

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