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Marissa Jade

May 25 05:19 PM

We Catch Up With Mob Wives Star Marissa Jade

Marissa Jade give updates on what she’s got going following her time on ‘Mob Wives’, who from the cast she’s cool with and her upcoming comic book movie.

Hayden Byerly

May 19 05:17 PM

Hayden Byerly Dishes On What's Next For Jude On The Fosters

Hayden Byerly dished to Enstars on his character's upcoming challenges on 'The Fosters' as well as promoting acceptance for all.

Harvey Guillen

May 15 02:12 PM

Harvey Guillen Remains In Contact With Eye Candy Co-Stars

The ‘Eye Candy’ gang is still one happy family.

Patricia Gucci

May 10 04:55 PM

Patricia Gucci on Her Memoir as the Daughter of a Fashion Icon

Patricia Gucci opens up to Enstars about her memoir and her life as the daughter of Aldo Gucci.

Galen Gering

May 10 04:52 PM

Days of Our Lives Cast: Galen Gering Dishes On Rafe/Hope Romance & Challenges Ahead

Galen Gering dishes on his romantic story line with Hope and the challenges the couple will face ahead

Annie Ilonzeh

May 04 06:22 AM

Empire's Annie Ilonzeh Dishes on 'Mysterious' Harper Scott

Annie Ilonzeh might be a newcomer to Fox's juggernaut series 'Empire' but she's already made her mark on the show as reporter Harper Scott.

Bella Thorne

May 02 02:35 PM

Bella Thorne Talks to Us About 'Ratchet And Clank’ & Her Directing Dreams

She's been in the business for quite some time now, yet it looks like Bella Thorne has her sights set up real high when it comes to her Hollywood career.

Candace Cameron Bure

April 29 11:22 AM

Candace Cameron Bure Gives Us the Scoop on Season 2 of Fuller House !

Enstars talked with Candace Cameron Bure to discuss season 2 of 'Fuller House" on Netflix, her partnership with Unilever for #ReImagineRecycling, and much more.

Monica Potter

April 28 05:07 PM

Monica Potter Dishes on Spring Cleaning & Playing Herself

Hollywood star Monica Potter gives us all the necessary tips for spring cleaning, the inside scoop of her upcoming show on HGTV and more!


April 22 08:46 AM

Where Did The 'Containment' Virus Come From? EPs Talk Terrorism & Other Theories

The virus is out, but where did it come from? 'Containment' EPs talk Patient Zero.

The 100

April 21 08:14 AM

The 100's Christopher Larkin Teases a 'Devastating' Season Finale for Monty

As if killing his mother wasn't bad enough, Monty won't escape the devastation of the finale.

David Lyons in 'Game of Silence'

April 15 04:55 PM

'Game of Silence' Star David Lyons Talks Dark Themes

Aussie actor David Lyon, who leads the ensemble cast of 'Game of Silence' , talked with us about the dark new NBC revenge series.

Jay Pharaoh

April 12 05:23 PM

SNL's Jay Pharoah Dishes on Impressions, Pepsi Spire & Ariana Grande

The comedian and 'SNL' master impressionist Jay Pharoah talks about helping promote Pepsi new futuristic soda machine, THAT episode with Ariana Grande & more.

The 100

April 09 12:49 AM

Has Jasper Found New Purpose On The 100? Devon Bostick Talks PTSD, ALIE & More

Jasper spent the first half of the season in a dark place. We caught up with Devon Bostick at WonderCon to find out what's next for 'The 100' character.


April 05 04:40 AM

Can Fort Knox Be Cracked? 'Scorpion' Cast Teases Dangerous Episode 22

Ari Stidham and Eddie Kaye Thomas gave us the scoop on "Hard Knox" at WonderCon. Find out what's next for Team Scorpion.

Agents of SHIELD

April 04 06:32 PM

Secret Warriors' First Mission Is 'Thoroughly Satisfying', Chloe Bennet Talks Agents Of SHIELD

Daisy, Lincoln, Elena, and Joey are ready to take action! Get the scoop on episode 17!

The 100

April 03 11:40 PM

The 100's Bob Morley Gave Us Teasers of Octavia & Bellamy's Fight

What will prompt Octavia and Bellamy's fight? We caught up with Bob Morley at WonderCon.

The 100

April 01 02:50 AM

A 'New Clan' Is Coming To 'The 100'! Jason Rothenberg Teases 'Interesting & Awesome' Twist

Something is brewing on 'The 100', and viewers should expect a new faction to come to the fore.

Sonja Morgan

March 31 12:14 PM

RHONY's Sonja Morgan Talks to Us About Dating: 'I Don't Have Time To F--k Around—Literally!'

Sonja Morgan spoke to Enstars last night during an appearance at the 'Real Housewives Of New York City' season eight premiere party in New York City.

Agents of SHIELD

March 31 08:05 AM

Agents Of SHIELD: Chloe Bennet Gives Us a Scoop on 'Spacetime'

What will happen when Daisy gets a glimpse of the future? Chloe Bennet & Luke Mitchell preview episode 15.


March 31 03:47 AM

Jace Leaves Clary Behind! Dominic Sherwood Talks Shadowhunters Finale

Wondering what Jace and Clary will get up to during the finale? Dominic Sherwood and Katherine McNamara explain.

The 100

March 30 04:30 AM

The 100's Richard Harmon Dishes on the Show's New 'Interesting' Pairing

Murphy and Clarke are trapped together as 'Stealing Fire' begins. We met up with Richard Harmon at WonderCon to find out just how that partnership will play out...

Agents of SHIELD

March 29 08:59 AM

A Very 'Strained' Relationship Coming For Agents of SHIELD's Mack, Henry Simmons Teases 'Watchdogs'

Are you ready to meet Ruben? Actor teases the fallout from Bobbi and Hunter's departure.


March 27 11:49 PM

'iZombie' Season 2 Finale To 'Dwarf' Last Year's, 'Everything Blows Up'

The cast teases a game-changing finale at WonderCon. Get the scoop on 'Dead Beat' and 'Salvation Army'

Legends of Tomorrow

March 27 11:22 PM

The Dead Will Rise On 'Legends Of Tomorrow'? EP Teases Hawkman & Heat Waves Futures

If you're mourning the loss of your favorite character, you may want to keep your eyes peeled during the back half of season 1.


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