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March 27 10:25 PM

'Scorpion' WonderCon Scoop On Quintis, A Mystery Return & The Finale's 'Huge Twist'

Brace yourself for a slew of cliffhangers! Nicholas Wootton dishes on the biggest shockers coming your way in the Scorpion season 2 finale.

Agents of SHIELD

March 27 11:57 AM

Is Lincoln Out Of Control On 'Agents Of SHIELD'? Luke Mitchell On What's Next

Lincoln's anger has Coulson worried. Luke Mitchell teases major backstory and character breakthroughs at Wondercon.

I Saw the Light

March 25 06:09 PM

Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Olsen Talk I Saw the Light

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen talk about taking on iconic country music couple, Hank & Audrey Williams, in 'I Saw the Light.'


March 15 06:06 PM

The Cast Of MTV's ‘Awkward’ Dish About The New Season

‘Awkward’ is back and the cast of the beloved MTV show gave us some juicy information on what fans will see this season.

Faking It

March 15 05:44 PM

‘Faking It’ Stars Katie Stevens & Rita Volk On What To Expect For ‘Karmy’ In Season 3

‘Faking It’ Stars Katie Stevens & Rita Volk gave us some serious details on what ‘Karmy’ shippers can expect on the new season of the MTV’s series.

Carter Covington

March 14 07:17 PM

‘Faking It’ Showrunner Carter Covington Talks Season 3!

The executive producer of 'Faking It' gave some super juicy insight on what fans can expect in the new season.

Danica Patrick

March 10 04:16 PM

Danica Patrick Discusses NASCAR, Partnership With Aspen Dental & More

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick opens up on living healthy, 'Sports Illustrated' & more.

Ginger Minj

March 07 05:04 PM

Former 'RuPaul' Contestant Ginger Minj 'Ru-Veals' Insight On Season 8

'RuPaul' Season 7 contestant Ginger Minj dished on the new competition and her time on the series.

Swizz Beatz

March 03 06:03 PM

Rapper/Producer Swizz Beatz Talks About “The Unknowns”, Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift & Alicia Keys’ Upcoming Album

Mega hitmaker Swizz Beatz is no stranger to the hip hop world. But now he's putting his love for art in the forefront again as he aims to help aspiring artists. He also dished on 'The Life Of Pablo' and working with his wife on her latest project.

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February 24 12:11 PM

Calling All Writers! Enstars.com Is Looking For Contributors

Calling All Writers! Enstars.com Is Looking For Contributors

Jason Sudeikis in Race

February 19 06:18 PM

Jason Sudeikis On Diversity & Portraying A Real Person In 'Race'

'SNL' Alum Jason Sudeikis opens up on his rare dramatic role in the Jesse Owens biopoic.

Maria Menounos

February 19 05:13 PM

Maria Menounos Talks 'Social Impact', #OscarsSoWhite & 'Divas'

Maria Menounos chatted with Enstars about making a different kind of appearance at the Oscars this year, the drama surrounding the boycott and her 'Divas' family.

Tara Wallace

February 16 05:44 PM

Love & Hip Hop's Tara Wallace Isn't Here To Make Amina Happy

'LHHNY' star Tara Wallace shares what it's like to be one third of the hottest love triangle to hit reality TV wife and baby mama are both pregnancy by serial lethario Peter Gunz.

Clinton Kelly

February 13 04:44 PM

Clinton Kelly Discusses Fashion Benefits & How To Reinvent Yourself

The fashion advice icon warns us about the common style mistakes people make, trends that need to end & more!

Marit Larsen

January 29 08:52 PM

Marit Larsen Dishes On New Album 'When The Morning Comes'

Marit Larsen has been going solo as a performer and producer, gaining tractions with songs like "Traveling Alone" and "I Don't Want To Talk About It."

Conrad Sewell

January 26 12:29 PM

Conrad Sewell Tells All About His Career, Coca-Cola & 'Special Ladies'

The Australian singer spoke about being the voice of Coca-Cola's "One Brand" campaign, the women in his life, and his hopes for his career.

Zeke Duhon

January 13 11:51 AM

Up-And-Coming Musician Zeke Duhon Chatted With Us About His Self-Titled EP & More

Get to know musician Zeke Duhon as we chat to him about his music, playing shows and even R. Kelly.

Eugenie Boisfontaine Flyer

January 12 10:59 AM

Watch Exclusive 'Killing Fields' Sneak Peek Of Rodie & Aubrey Retracing Original Investigation

Peep an exclusive sneak peek of detectives retracing the original Eugenie Boisfontaine case at the scene of the crime before 'Killing Fields' airs a new episode tonight, Jan. 12.

Aubrey St. Angelo & Rodie Sanchez

January 05 12:50 PM

Watch Exclusive Sneak Peek Before 'Killing Fields' Premieres Tonight!

Find out what 'Killing Fields' is all about here and watch an exclusive sneak peek!

California Is Not For Sale

December 31 03:59 PM

We Talked To The Founder Of 'California Is Not For Sale'

We talked to John Cox, the man behind the proposal to make California politicians wear the logos of their biggest donors.

Lori Depp

December 23 07:22 PM

We Chatted With Makeup Artist Lori Depp About Her Serendeppity Lip Gloss Company & More

We got the scoop on Lori Depp's lip glosses along with some beauty tips and an interesting story about musician Sting.

Charlie Carrick & Rachel Skarsten

December 22 05:42 PM

'Reign' Newcomer Charlie Carrick Talks Royal Relationships & More

New 'Reign' addition Charlie Carrick talked to us about the period piece and more.

Jenny & Justin Cook

December 22 11:10 AM

Check Out An Exclusive Sneak Peek From The 'Men Women Wild' Finale!

'Men Women Wild' is almost over and we have an exclusive sneak peek at the finale!

Henry Rollins

December 17 04:27 PM

We Talked To Henry Rollins About His New Film 'He Never Died' & Much More!

The multi-talented punk icon-turned-actor (although he's more than that) talked to us about his new film, acting, activism and lots more.

'Breaking Amish: Return To Amish' Stars Abe & Rebecca Schmucker

December 11 04:50 PM

Is 'Breaking Amish' Star Rebecca Schmucker CHEATING On Her Husband Abe?

Evidence has emerged which appears to show that Rebecca may be having an affair


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