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Bello Sanchez

October 16 04:12 PM

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Contestant Bello Sanchez Spoke With Us About His Motto & More

Life for the 'ANTM 22' contestant has certainly been on the rise since appearing on the modeling competition reality show and he talked to Enstars all about it.

Couples Therapy

October 07 12:15 PM

'Couples Therapy' Season Six: Producer Reveals What Fans Can Expect [Exclusive]

Find out what producer John Irwin is revealing about season six of VH1's 'Couples Therapy.'

Mélanie St-Pierre

October 22 01:34 PM

Mélanie St-Pierre Talks To Us All About 'Garm Wars: The Last Druid'

The star of the new sci-fi film dished on what it was like working with director Mamoru Oshii, her love of science-fiction, food and more.

Leanne Lapp

October 06 05:13 PM

Leanne Lapp Dishes On Her Villainous 'iZombie' Character Who 'Pops Up In Places You Wouldn’t Expect Her'

'iZombie' actress Leanne Lapp chatted with us about her 'elusive' character, why people need to tune in for the new season and more.

Elysia Rotaru

October 07 04:58 PM

We Chatted With Elysia Rotaru, Who Plays Oliver's Mysterious Ex-Lover On This Season Of ‘Arrow’

We spoke with the actress who's playing a former lover of Oliver Queen and helps fans "understand more of what makes [him] the Green Arrow."

Liz Graham

September 29 08:26 AM

Liz Graham Exclusively Talks About Her New Album ‘Damaged’ & More

We chatted with Liz Graham all about her new album 'Damaged' from cathartic songs to music video treatments.

Are You The One

September 24 07:52 PM

'Are You The One?' Season 3 Contestants Dish On The Third Season

What better way to find true love than to appear on a popular reality series?

Order Of Operations

October 12 10:06 PM

Order Of Operations Tells Us About How His EP 'constrvctive delusions’ Got Its Name & More

We chatted with the Brooklyn-based indie act about his music, inspiration, and the origins of his EP.

Christy Williams

September 25 08:30 AM

Christy Williams Talks About What's In Store For Character Michelle On The 'Ray Donovan' Season Finale

We chatted with actress Christy Williams about her work on the third season of the Showtime drama, which concludes this Sunday.

Tobey Maguire

September 16 04:13 PM

Tobey Maguire Dishes On Dark New Role As Bobby Fischer In 'Pawn Sacrifice'

In the newly released 'Pawn Sacrifice,' Tobey Maguire takes on the legendary (and notoriously troubled) chess master Bobby Fischer.

Jason Rogel as Ricky

September 16 06:46 PM

'Kevin From Work' Actor Jason Rogel Talks Upcoming 'Earthquake Drill Episode' & More With Us!

We chatted with 'Kevin From Work's Jason Rogel, learning plenty about ABC Family's newest comedy!

Jackson Harris

October 16 05:08 PM

YouTube Music Sensation Jackson Harris Shares His Tour Essentials & Music News With Us!

We exclusively chatted with Jackson Harris about his upcoming music releases, touring, possibly working with Hoodie Allen and more!

Daniel Manzano

September 11 04:19 PM

Boyce Avenue's Daniel Manzano Spoke With Us About Music, Traveling & More

Byoce Avenue's Daniel Manzano talked to us about the band's recent partnership with Marriott, working with his brothers, making it big on YouTube, and more.

Mari Lopez at the Little League World Series

September 02 08:59 AM

We Talked To Mario Lopez About The Little League World Series, A 'Saved by the Bell' Revival & More!

Listen Preppie, you don't get the chance to interview the man who played A.C. Slater and now hosts 'Extra' every day.


August 27 02:16 PM

See An Exclusive Sneak Peek Into 'Sherpa' Documentary Coming To Discovery Channel Next Year!

Find out all about Discovery Channel's enlightening documentary 'Sherpa' and peep an exclusive sneak peek!

Cork Graham's Team Exploring Caves

August 21 08:27 AM

Peep Two Exclusive Sneak Peeks From 'Treasure Quest: Snake Island' Season Finale

The season finale for 'Treasure Quest: Snake Island' is nearly here and we have two exclusive sneak peeks!

Lily Tomlin

August 21 05:32 PM

Oscar Nominee Lily Tomlin Dishes On Her Role In The Indie Flick 'Grandma'

Lily Tomlin spoke to Enstars about her new movie, in which she plays a lesbian on a quest to help her granddaughter get an abortion.


August 21 05:32 PM

Up-And-Coming Singer Miesa Talks To Enstars About Her Single 'Blame My Ex'

We chatted with R&B/pop up-and-comer Miesa about her current single 'Blame My Ex' and what's coming up in the future for her.

Pisay Pao as Cassandra on 'Z Nation'

September 04 05:13 PM

'Z Nation' Actress Pisay Pao Reveals To Us What She Stashes In Her Trailer & More

'Z Nation' star Pisay Pao spoke with us all about the zombie show and food, which are basically two of the best things to ever speak about if we're being honest!

Suge Knight

August 14 03:51 PM

R. Marcos Taylor Talks About Channeling Suge Knight In 'Straight Outta Compton'

R. Marcos Taylor had some big shoes to fill playing the role of the troubled Suge Knight and here's what he had to tell us about it.

Diary of a Teenage Girl Cop Car

August 07 09:45 PM

'The Diary Of A Teenage Girl' & 'Cop Car' Show Every Parent's Nightmare

After watching 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl' and 'Cop Car,' it's safe to say that audiences will be pretty disturbed by the adult content.

Keith “Cappy” Plaskett, Mehgan Heaney-Grier, Cork Graham, Bryan Fry & Jeremy Whalen

August 07 02:23 PM

Watch An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of New 'Treasure Quest: Snake Island' Episode!

What treasures will Cork Graham and his team find in tonight's new episode of 'Treasure Quest: Snake Island'?

'Deadliest Catch' Cast Unloading Crabs

August 04 11:52 AM

Who Is Responsible For Zip Tying A Crab Pot's Door Of The Cornelia Marie On 'Deadliest Catch'?

Check out our exclusive sneak peek clip from tonight's episode of 'Deadliest Catch'!

Alyssa Milano

August 04 10:31 AM

Enstars Exclusive: Alyssa Milano Spoke To Us About Her 'Fan-Gear Fashion Empire'

A 'Who's The Boss?' standout has made the transition into female fan-gear fashion and exclusively spoke to us about it.


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