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China Luoyang International Robot And Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Opens

November 14 01:02 PM

Transformer's 'Bumblebee' spinoff makes more progress

Paramount is trying to expand the Transformers franchise. They are working really hard on giving a stand alone movie to Bumblebee.

Beauty and the Beast

November 14 11:13 AM

Watch The First Full-Length Trailer For The 'Beauty and the Beast' Live-Action Remake

The first official trailer is here for the adaptation starring Emma Stone

The Resident Evil: Final Chapter

November 13 09:19 AM

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: News, plot, cast, and release date

Alice prepares to go out shooting in these new Resident Evil: The Final Chapter posters.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

November 12 11:28 AM

Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin back together? GOOP entrepreneur dumped Falchuk to re-couple with ex

Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly having relationship problems with boyfriend, Brad Falchuck. With this, the actress is considerin reuniting with Chris Martin.

A photo taken on September 12, 2014 shows the 'Alien Queen', the robot monster of the 'Alien' science fiction movies, visible after a year of restoration at the 'Miniature and Cinema' museum in Lyon.

November 11 04:33 PM

‘Alien 5’ Movie Update: Plot, Cast, Release Date

Alien 5 will come right after "Alien: Covenant" but its producers assure that the fifth installment will be massively incredible.

Veterans Day

November 11 11:18 AM

5 Best Military Movies on Netflix to Watch in Honor of Veterans Day

Check out these five movies to honor our military veterans on Veterans Day.

Wonder Woman

November 08 01:48 AM

Wonder Woman in epic new trailer, news , cast and release date

DC Universe is slowly coming together for the upcoming release of "Wonder Woman" movie. First female superhero solo film of DC Universe, Gal Gadot takes the role of Wonder Woman with the movie scheduled to be released on June 2, 2017.

'Star Wars' Cast At Fan Day Events

November 07 04:53 PM

New Han Solo movie may break some Star Wars rules!

As it is known, a new Han Solo-based Star Wars anthology is coming up. Interviews suggest that it may be altered by the directors and shifted from the original storyline.


November 07 11:11 AM

5 Netflix Movies & Shows to Watch If You Have Election Fever

Here are some films and TV shows to watch on Netflix to distract just a little bit from the 2016 election.

Tamagotchis, a virtual pet that grows from chick to adult on a minicomputer screen in 10 days only w. proper care from button-pressing owner, made by the Japanese firm Bandai.

November 07 08:33 AM

Tamagotchi: After 9 years, the game is now finally a short. film

The Tamagotchi has recieved a lot of attention when it was released but it went on a bit of a pause. After nine years of waiting a new short film for it is announced.

JonBenet Ramsey

November 05 09:13 PM

The Latest JonBenet Ramsey Movie Has Spurned Even More Theories About Who Killed Her

Lifetime's movie about JonBenet Ramsey's murder has opened up more theories about who killed her

Quentin Tarantino

November 05 01:10 PM

Quentin Tarantino Is Going To Retire After Two More Movies

Quentin Tarantino is ending his career at 10 films

La La Land

November 03 01:50 PM

Catch The First Full-Length Trailer For La La Land

'La La Land' is set to be a true contender this Oscar season


November 01 08:46 PM

Freeform Has Announced Their '25 Days of Christmas' Lineup!

Here's when you can watch all your favorite holiday classics on Freeform this year

James Cameron

November 01 03:22 PM

Avatar Director James Cameron 'Going to Push' for 3D with No Glasses

The director of 'Avatar' has some ambitious plans for the future of cinema.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

November 01 02:51 PM

Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy & Snow White Are Getting The Live Action Treatment

Disney is going to develop a live-action version of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

Corpse Bride

October 31 10:52 AM

5 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix, Including The Babadook & Corpse Bride

Halloween has arrived again and if you don't have any plans today, here are some Netflix movies to check out.

Unique Star Wars Gallery Launches At Harrods For Limited Period

October 30 06:36 PM

Kylo Ren has meltdown over final 'Rogue One' trailer

Kylo Ren, A dark warrior strong with the force, Kylo Ren commands first order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. Director JJ Abrams including an explanation what Kylo Ren thinking during one of the film's most shocking scenes .

Amish Witches

October 29 12:03 PM

How to Watch Lifetime's Amish Witches: True Story of Holmes County

Here's how and when to watch Lifetime's spooky new TV movie, 'Amish Witches'.


October 26 04:05 PM

Pixar Reveals When Toy Story 4 & The Incredibles 2 Are Coming Out

Pixar has officially announced the release dates for two of its most anticipated movies ever.

Captain Marvel will be launched on July 6, 2018.

October 26 04:19 AM

Brie Larson might play lead role in future Captain Marvel movie

The internet exploded over the last week the idea that Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson may potentially step into a highly coveted role as Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel planned its initial release on 6th July 2018

A photo taken on September 12, 2014 shows the 'Alien Queen', the robot monster of the 'Alien' science fiction movies, visible after a year of restoration at the 'Miniature and Cinema' museum in Lyon.

October 25 06:06 AM

The Xenomorphs from the latest Alien's movie come out with a new name

The Xenomorphs from Alien Covenant are being given a new name. This creates a different mental image for them.

Harrison Ford as 'Indiana Jones'

October 25 06:00 AM

'Indiana Jones 5': George Lucas, reportedly not involved in the movie

The time has come for a new Indiana Jones movie. This article will explain everything that is known about the upcoming movie.


October 25 04:20 AM

X-23 has finally been confirmed by her face being published by the producers

New upcoming movie Logan focuses on a new wolverine. Her theories have been fully confirmed by the producers.


October 24 03:35 PM

James Bond, Creed, The Night Manager & More Coming to Amazon In November

Check out the full list of titles coming to Amazon Prime in November 2016.


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