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X-23 is a a clone which is made from the DNA of Wolverine.

October 14 06:31 AM

X-23 will soon replace Wolverine in the X-men timeline.

It is really important for the X-men story to continue. Certain spoilers in the movie reveal that this could be an epic transition.

The Mad Titan Thanos, a melancholy, brooding individual, consumed with the concept of death, sought out personal power and increased strength, endowing himself with cybernetic implants.

October 14 06:26 AM

Avengers: Infinity War: Marvel returns and heads towards Infinity!

The movie is to be released in 2018. However, interesting facts about it are already starting to surface.

'Underworld: Blood Wars' is an American action horror film directed by Anna Foerster and the script was written by Gory Goodman.

October 13 06:07 AM

'Underworld: Blood Wars' latest news , updates and release date

'Underworld: Blood Wars' is about to release on January 2017. This is the sequel to the Underworld series and it is the fifth installment. Kate Beckinsale is back again.


October 12 07:09 AM

New teaser photos are being released from Wolverine 3.

The Marvel X-Men Universe continues on with the latest Wolverine movie. Official pictures are being released on Instagram to give fans a slim view into the movie.

The movie will focus more completely on the Kaiju, the large monsters in the movie, and will supposedly bring them back.

October 12 05:25 AM

The Kaiju from Pacific Rim will show their faces in a much larger amount this time

Pacific Rim is coming back caliming to be bigger than before. It will feature much more screentime with the legendary monsters.

Nickelodeon announced that on the 26th of November it will be releasing an action packed movie with the same name as the TV series: Legends of the Hidden Temple.

October 11 10:05 PM

"Legends of the Hidden Temple" is a movie that will test your wits, agility and strength to win

The 90's game show is back in the form of a movie. It will be made by Nickelodeon and will feature three adorable little kids.

'Frozen 2' is a movie in the go with Elsa cited as lesbian.

October 11 09:44 PM

Elsa may be a lesbian in the new upcoming Frozen 2

Frozen 2 may bring up interesting socio-cultural moves by making Elsa come out as a lesbian. Idina Menzel likes what Miley Cyrus said about her.

Ben Affleck

October 05 01:43 PM

Ben Affleck Offers Thoughts On 'Negative' Critic Response for Batman v Superman

Ben Affleck is now talking about the critical reviews for 'BvS' and his own feelings on the movie.

Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger

October 04 07:47 PM

Harry Potter Fans, Freak Out: All 8 Movies Are Coming Back to Theaters

There go your weekend plans.

(FromL) South Korean director Yeon Sang-Ho, South Korean actress Kim Su-an, South Korean actor Gong Yoo and South Korean actress Jung Yu-mi pose on May 14, 2016 during a photocall for the film 'Bu-San-Haeng (Train to Busan)' at the 69th Cannes Film Festiv

September 30 09:51 PM

"Train to Busan 2" news, update and release date: Gong Yoo no longer reprises role; Song Joong-Ki to replace him? [Video]

It was confirmed that the blockbuster "Train to Busan" movie will have a sequel. Rumors say that the production will begin on 2017.

Captain America Civil War

September 23 03:46 PM

'Civil War' Was Just The Beginning Of The MCU's Big Feud, 'It's Not Over Yet'

Joe Russo just dropped a major bomb on the MCU. How will a continuing Civil War play into 'Avengers: Infinity War.'

American Horror Story

September 23 03:39 PM

Amazon's October Titles Include Mockingjay Part 2, American Horror Story: Hotel & More

Amazon Prime has a whole slew of movies and shows being released in October.

Black Mirror

September 22 03:57 PM

Netflix October New Additions Include Black Mirror Season 3, Titanic & More

Check out the full list of movies, shows and specials premiering on Netflix this October!

Brad Pitt

September 20 12:19 PM

See Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard in the Trailer for 'Allied'

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard are facing allegations of an affair and according to one report, they exhibited tons of chemistry on the set of 'Allied.'

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

September 14 01:45 PM

Who's Your Daddy, Star-Lord? Kurt Russel Teases Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Reunion

Is Peter Quill ready to find out where he came from? Kurt Russell talks 'Guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2' and playing Star-Lord's mysterious father.

50 shades

September 13 05:00 PM

The New Fifty Shades DarkerTrailer Is Equal Parts Hot & Terrifying

I don't know whether to be turned on or run for the hills.

Dylan O'Brien

September 13 11:40 AM

First PHOTO Of Dylan O'Brien Post-Injury! Check Out American Assassin's Mitch Rapp

Dylan O'Brien is back in front of the cameras! Get your first look at Mitch Rapp in a new 'American Assassin' photo!

50 Shades

September 13 09:40 AM

Gird Your Loins: There's a New 50 Shades of Grey Book on the Horizon

A trailer for 50 Shades Darker is also around the corner.

Fifty Shades Darker

September 12 01:37 PM

Fifty Shades Darker Teaser Trailer Has Us All 'Intrigued'

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele return in this new 'Fifty Shades Darker' trailer.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

September 09 08:23 PM

We Have A Little Bad News For Baby Groot & Rocket Raccoon In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Wondering how Baby Groot will be different from the original Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'? James Gunn has the answers.

The Death Cure

September 04 07:00 PM

Is Dylan O'Brien Ready To Return? Maze Runner: The Death Cure Sets Filming Dates

Find out when filming will resume of the embattled film. Dylan O'Brien prepares to return to 'The Maze Runner: The Death Cure'.

John Krasinski

August 31 05:22 PM

John Krasinski Talks Directing & Starring In The Hollars

John Krasinski is continuing his career in front and behind the camera in his latest film 'The Hollars.'

Jamie Dornan

August 31 01:40 PM

Will Jamie Dornan Bare All in Fifty Shades Darker?

The actor did not go full frontal for the first movie, but should we expect something different for the sequels?

Han Solo

August 26 02:38 PM

Donald Glover Eyed For Lando Calrissian Role? Actor Talks 'Star Wars' Rumors

Who will play young Lando Calrissian? Donald Glover dishes on 'Star Wars' Han Solo rumors.

Luke Cage

August 26 11:08 AM

Netflix September Titles Include Zootopia, The Imitation Game, Luke Cage & More

Check out the list of new movies and TV shows debuting on Netflix in September.


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