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Julian Fellowes

June 22 09:37 PM

Downton Abbey Creator Explains Why A Movie Based On Series Would Be 'Quite Complicated'

The series creator opened up on the idea of turning 'Downton Abbey' into a feature film.

Tom Hardy

June 22 07:38 PM

Tom Hardy Set To Play War Photographer In Upcoming Film

Tom Hardy has scored himself a new acting gig.

Justice League

June 21 01:48 PM

Justice League No Longer a Two-Part Film

Check out the new plan for the upcoming 'Justice League' movie.

BoJack Horseman

June 21 01:01 PM

Netflix July Releases Include Back to the Future, BoJack Horseman & More!

Check out the full list of new titles being added to Netflix in the coming month.

Patrick, Dom and Doris in 'Looking: The Movie'

June 20 04:33 PM

Will Patrick Choose A Relationship With Someone Else In The Looking Movie?

After being confronted with his past mistakes, Patrick may realize his heart lies with someone else unexpected

Morena Baccarin

June 19 06:43 PM

Is Morena Baccarin Coming Back As Vanessa In Deadpool 2?

Is Wade's girlfriend going to be part of the 'Deadpool' sequel?

Who should portray Elphaba, Glinda and others in 'Wicked?'

June 17 02:01 PM

Who Should Be In The Wicked Movie?

Who should portray Elphaba, Glinda and others in 'Wicked?'

'Looking: The Movie'

June 17 09:19 AM

Here's When You'll Be Able To Watch Looking: The Movie

HBO has announced when the final chapter of Patrick, Agustin and Dom's stories will air

'Finding Nemo

June 15 12:50 PM

The Honest Trailer For Finding Nemo Is So Wrong, But Also So Right

We all learned the wrong lessons from watching 'Finding Nemo'


June 11 02:25 AM

'World Of Warcraft' & Four Other Must See Video Game Movies

Heading out the theater to catch "Warcraft"? Catch up on these other classics when you get home.

Now You See Me

June 10 01:56 PM

5 Best Movies About Magic to Rent, Including The Prestige, Hocus Pocus & More

Here are five movies about magic/magicians you can watch online after seeing 'Now You See Me 2.'


June 10 03:01 AM

Find Out What The Original Ghostbusters Cast Thinks Of The Reboot!

Everyone from Bill Murry to Melissa McCarthy dropped by Jimmy Kimmel to dish on one of the summer's biggest hits. They had a little something to say to the film's sexist detractors.

Johnny Depp

June 09 12:24 PM

Johnny Depp Turns 53 - His 5 Best Movies To Watch Online

Johnny Depp's birthday is today, so here are some movies you can watch on the web to celebrate him.

Blake Lively

June 08 11:42 PM

Watch Blake Lively Crash Right Into A Shark In New Trailer For The Shallows

Blake Lively is about to come head to head with a shark-- kind of literally.


June 08 02:44 PM

SUddenly Zootopia Seems Far Less Family-Friendly

The honest trailer for 'Zootopia' is finally here, and it's hilariously inappropriate

Ed Skrein

June 07 03:21 PM

Which 'Hilarious' Character Does Ed Skrein Want To See In Deadpool 2?

One of the stars of 'Deadpool' has an interesting choice on who he would like to see in the anticipated sequel.

John Boyega

June 06 09:05 PM

Star Wars' John Boyega To Star In AND Produce Pacific Rim 2

John Boyega is poised to take over another sci-fi universe. See what Boyega and fans had to say on Twitter!


June 06 10:16 AM

5 Best Movies About D-Day to Watch Online, Including Saving Private Ryan, My Way & More

Check out the list of movies (and one miniseries) you should watch to honor D-Day.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

June 03 02:59 PM

Is Thor Coming To Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2? James Gunn Drops Teaser Photo

What is James Gunn doing with Mjölnir? Find out if Chris Hemsworth's Thor is set for a 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' appearance!

Captain Marvel

June 02 05:01 PM

Is Marvel Eyeing Brie Larson For Captain Marvel? Russo Brothers Tease Infinity War

Has Marvel found it's Captain Marvel? Find out when the character will debut.

Tom Hardy

May 30 06:06 PM

Tom Hardy Is Less Likely To Be The Next James Bond

Don't expect Tom Hardy to be the next 007-- in fact, no one should be expected right now.

We Were Soldiers

May 30 08:00 AM

5 Best Movies & Shows To Stream On Memorial Day

Check out the best movies, documentaries and miniseries on Netflix to watch on Memorial Day 2016.

Adam Copeland

May 29 06:33 PM

There Might Be a New Contender to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

There might be a new contender for the part of Cable in 'Deadpool 2.'


May 27 02:17 PM

Watch EVERY X-Men Adaptation (Including the 90s Cartoon) Online Before Apocalypse

Here's how you can rent the entire X-Men film franchise plus the animated TV series!


May 26 12:27 PM

Amazon Prime June Titles Include Downton Abbey, Mr. Robot, Princess Bride & More

Check out the full list of Amazon Prime titles premiering in June, including the latest seasons of three critically acclaimed shows.


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