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Microsoft Introduces New Generation Of Their Surface Tablets

March 07 04:49 PM

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Is Set to Come Out in April 2017?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be coming out in April 2017 along with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft Surface Pro

March 07 08:53 AM

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Schedule In Spring Along With Windows 10 Creator’s Update; Toby Fitch Confirmed To Work On Hybrid-Laptop’s Design [VIDEO]

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 might make its first appearance along with te Windows 10 Creator's Update.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

March 07 08:11 AM

Samsung Galaxy X Release Slated In Q3 Or Q4 2017; Top Secret Smartphone Might Boast Super AMOLED Display; Snapdragon 835 SoC [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be launched in third or fourth quarter this year boasting Super AMOLED display and Snapdragon 835 SoC.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4

March 07 07:32 AM

Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 Review: Extremely Rugged Sub-$300 Smartphone for Extreme Environments [VIDEO]

The MIL-STF810G certification basically means that the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 will be able to survive the sudden drops or spikes in temperature.

Apple iPad Pro 2

March 07 07:25 AM

Apple iPad Pro 2 Release Date, News and Update: What We Know So Far

We were only weeks away from the release of Apple iPad Pro 2. But more patience is requested as the launch is postponed to June.

Finally Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro Appears in Black Variant at Samsung Forum 2017

March 07 07:20 AM

Finally Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro Appears in Black Variant at Samsung Forum 2017

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro appears for the first time in an event held in China. The black variant gadget was spotted in Samsung Forum 2017.

Microsoft Surface Pro

March 06 04:55 PM

Surface Pro 5 Will Release In Spring, Vies With Samsung Galaxy Book

Microsoft's Surface Pro 5, which will have a delayed release in the spring season, rivals Samsung Galaxy Book.

Nexus 6P

March 06 02:08 PM

Google Pixel VS Nexus 6P: Is Google Reconsidering Nexus Lineup?

Nexus 6P is a wildly popular phone, and Google might be thinking to bring back the Nexus lineup.

Samsung Galaxy Note

March 06 12:26 PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: Next Flagship Likely To Have Better Battery; Improved Specs Also Expected

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs rumors have suggested that the next Note flagship installment may come with a better battery than its infamous predecessor

Apple MacBook Pro

March 06 10:13 AM

MacBook Pro 2017 News Update: Upcoming Laptop Might Feature AMD Ryzen Chipset; Tim Cook Still Committed To Pro Market [VIDEO]

MacBook 2017 is predicted to be equipped with AMD Ryzen chipset as an alternative for Intel processor.


March 06 09:30 AM

Nintendo Classic Mini NES Stock Update: Argos, Tesco, Amazon Now Offering Nintendo Retro Console Online; Shortage Expected To End Soon [VIDEO]

Argos, Tesco and Amazon are now offering Nintendo Classic Mini NES online indicating that retro console's scarcity might end soon.

Nintendo Releases New 'Switch' Game Console

March 06 09:00 AM

Nintendo Switch Update: Possible Retailers Where You Can Buy the Device

Although Nintendo Switch is currently out of stock, the tech giant made sure it has enough supply.

27-Inch Apple iMac

March 06 09:05 AM

iMac 2017 Update: Apple's Desktop To Boast AMD Ryzen GPU For Power Savings; Possible Release Slated In March [VIDEO]

Apple Inc. might incorporate AMD Ryzen chipset instead of Intel to its upcoming iMac 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

March 06 11:57 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : An Explosive Successor Complementing Note 7

After repeated failures faced in the year 2016, Samsung is getting ready to recapture Brand Image and its value in the market by successfully invading latest gadget Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by improving the technical flaws encountered in Note 7.

Nintendo Releases New 'Switch' Game Console

March 06 09:00 AM

Nintendo Switch Update: Amazon Offers Refund for Delay; Tech Giant has ‘Strong Plans’ for Game Console’s Availability

Although there has been a delay, Amazon subscribers will surely have their Nintendo Switch whenever it becomes available.

AMD Ryzen

March 06 03:01 AM

AMD Ryzen 1800X, 1700X And 1700 Released, Get Mixed Reviews, Intel May Slash Price

The AMD Ryzen 1800X, 1700X And 1700 are an improvement on the earlier generation of silicon.

Apple iPad Pro2 To Reveal Budget-Friendly Model With Better Specs

March 05 07:28 PM

Apple iPad Pro 2 Models Pushed In Ad Campaign, Boasts Of Budget-Friendly Price And Better Spec

Apple iPad Pro 2 new models boasts of new sizes, better specifications, but advertisements focused more on social media than television.

Xbox One

March 03 04:10 PM

PlayStation 5 VS Xbox Project Scorpio: Next-Gen Microsoft Console Receives Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio will soon receive the new Windows Mixed Reality headset, but what about Sony's plans for PlayStation 5?

Microsoft Surface Pro

March 03 12:37 PM

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Two Online References Hints At Hybrid's Development Status

Despite the apparent lack of official evidence regarding its existence, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is still expected to be launched very soon.

MacBook Pro 2016

March 03 12:02 PM

Apple Likely to Go With Power Efficient AMD Ryzen 7 Processor for MacBook Pro 2017

MacBook Pro 2017 rumors and speculations have suggested that Apple might use the latest AMD Ryzen 7 processor on its upcoming laptop instead of the Intel i7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

March 03 02:42 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News Update: Evan Blass Hinted SM-N950 Model Number; Specs, Features, Price Specified [VIDEO]

Evan Blass leaked that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be bearing SM-N950 model number.

Apple - Introducing iPhone 7

March 02 07:48 PM

iOS 10.3 Update Presents New Features, Find My AirBuds Added; Here's What We Know So Far

The iOS 10.3 update is one that many may need to take note, as there is a load of new features to watch out for.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

March 02 09:03 AM

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Update: World’s Most Advanced Gaming GPU Launches at $699

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA’s new flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture. This card is packed with extreme gaming horsepower, next-gen 11 GBPS GDDR5X memory, and a massive 11GB frame buffer.

Android Smartphone

March 02 03:17 AM

OnePlus 5, Oneplus 4 News: OnePlus' Flagship Killer Will Flaunt Glass Body, Snapdragon 835, 23-Megapixel Rear-Facing Camera [VIDEO]

OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 4 is anticipated to boast glass body, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 23-Megapixel rear-facing camera.

Alienware Hosts Virtual Reality And Gaming VIP Party During E3

March 02 03:14 AM

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti News: NVIDIA GPU Faster Than Titan X Pascal Already Launched; Powerful Chipset Tagged At $699 [VIDEO]

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is finally out and it is tagged at and affordable $699 price.


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