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NES Classic Edition

January 05 09:01 AM

Nintendo NES Classic Edition's Short Wire Problem Solved By Bluetooth Controller

There's a fairly simple fix for the NES Classic Edition's one big flaw of short wiring by Bluetooth Contoller.

Intel Core i7 Chip

January 05 06:45 AM

Intel Releases 200-Series Kaby Lake Platform; Closer Look At Specs

Intel has officially launched their Kaby Lake 200-series platforms. The lineup is part of the annual refresh cycle that Intel offers to desktop PC consumers and as such, motherboard vendors have amassed a handsome array of Z270 and H270 series motherboards for gamers, PC builders, enthusiasts and overclockers.

Final Fantasy 7

January 04 11:20 PM

The Positive and Negative Impacts of the Episodic Remake of Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 will be making a spectacular comeback in 2017. According to rumors, story line segments will be introduced to revive the game on PlayStation 4.

Nvidia-gtx-1050 graphics card

January 04 01:43 PM

Nvidia Announces GTX 1050 And GTX 1050 Ti For Gaming Laptops At CES 2017

Nvidia's has launched two new mobile GPUs at CES 2017, the GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti aren't the most powerful parts going around, but their lower TDPs and respectable amounts of performance still offer something to mid-range gaming laptops and workstations.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

January 04 01:34 PM

Kingston Flaunts World's Highest Capacity 2TB Flash Drive

Kingston recently unveiled its newest flash drive with the highest capacity of 2TB.

Apple Watch

January 04 01:15 PM

Apple Watch 3 To Feature Improved Battery and Performance Instead Of New Design

The upcoming Apple Watch 3 is expected to have enhancements on battery and performance instead of new design.

The iPad Pro 2017

January 04 12:37 PM

Apple iPad Pro 2017 To Have A10x Processor, OLED Display Screen, Coming In First Half Of 2017

The iPad Pro 2017 is one of the most-anticipated tablets next year. The upcoming device will be coming with the great and fast features for all Apple fans.

Android App Kodi Version 17 at Risk

January 04 12:28 PM

Kodi's Sole Developer Quits, Version 17 Update in Peril

With the departure of Chris Brownet, improving the Android app Kodi will be derailed. The sole developer of the software is now venturing for Semper Media Center.

AMD 7th Gen PRO Processors

January 04 12:17 PM

AMD Vega To Boast 2X Performance, 4X Efficiency, 8X Capacity Per HBM Stack And 2X Bandwidth Per Pin

The AMD Vega is expected to be a powerful chipset as it features 2X Performance, 4X Efficiency, 8X Capacity Per HBM Stack And 2X Bandwidth Per Pin.

Huawei Honor 6X

January 04 11:48 AM

Huawei Honor 6X Offers Flagship-like Hardware and Features at Fraction Of The Price

At just under $250, the Honor 6X is one of the most bang-for-your-buck devices currently available in the market today.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

January 04 11:18 AM

Samsung To Release Foldable Galaxy X Q3 2017 With Foldable Screen Feature

Samsung Electronics is anticipated to launch its first foldable smartphone; Galaxy X on the third quarter of 2017.

AMD Ryzen

January 04 11:15 AM

AMD Ryzen To Compete Head-To-Head With Intel's CPU

The AMD Ryzen Summit Ridge CPU is a game changer as fresh reports confirmed that the flagship model of the Zen-based SR series chips is ready to overclock out of the box. Top processing speed is at 4GHz on all cores and on single-core, it's 5GHz.

ASUS Laptop Exhibit

January 04 11:11 AM

ASUS Unveiled Chromebook Flip 2 Featuring USB-C and Intel Core m3

ASUS has announced it newest Chromebook Flip 2 which boasts USB-C and Intel Core m3.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

January 04 05:50 AM

CES 2017: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 To Make Debute, The 10nm SoC With Kryo CPU, Quick Charge 4 And More Features.

Qualcomm has announced the first 10nm system on chip and its next generation flagship with the Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 835 will be the first chipset to be made on the 10nm FinFET process node, at CES in Las Vegas new details about its upcoming Snapdragon 835 processor.


January 04 05:25 AM

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti Release Date & Specs: Will Challenge AMD Vega; Launching At CES 2017

NVIDIA is going to introduce its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which is considered to be the hybrid between its top two graphics cards - Titan X and GeForce GTX 1080. The card i going to make debute in Consumer Electronic Show 2017.

iOS 10.1 Jailbreak

January 03 08:17 PM

Saurik Releases New Cydia Build For iOS 10.1.x Jailbreak; Future Updates In The Works

Cydia 1.1.28 addresses majority of the problems in the software for the Yalu iOS 10.1.x jailbreak.

Galaxy S7 Users Receive Android 7.0 Nougat Update

January 03 10:47 AM

Samsung Galaxy S7 Gets Android 7.0 Nougat OS; New Firmware Offers These Six Awesome Features

The updated Android Nougat OS is officially ready for downloading. Galaxy S7 users can now add essential attributes that will further enhance the performance of their units.

Elon Musk Will Unveil the Model 3 in 2017

January 03 10:25 AM

Tesla Speeds Up Its Model 3 Car Production For 2017 Launch

Tesla has ramped up the production of its Model 3 vehicle for 2017. With a number of supply chains in range, Elon Musk is looking at more than a hundred thousand units to be released in the market.

Asus Nexus 7

January 03 09:56 AM

Asus Slated To Unveil Snapdragon 835 SoC Engineered Handset Which Might Be ZenFone 4

Asus is anticipated to launch a new smartphone at CES 2017. Dubbed as ZenFone 4, this handset might be equipped with Snapdragon 835 SoC.

OnePlus 3T

January 03 09:49 AM

Android 7.0 Nougat Update Now Available For OnePlus3 and OnePlus 3T Users

The Android 7.0 Nougat is now being rolled to OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T handsets.

Apple iPad on WWDC

January 03 09:40 AM

iOS 10.3 Beta Available Jan. 10 With 'Theatre Mode' Feature

Apple Inc. will release the beta version of iOS 10.3. The said upgrade will bring 'Theatre Mode' feature to iOS devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

January 03 08:25 AM

Android 7.0, 7.1.1 Nougat News: Android 7.0 Or 7.1.1 Nougat Update Available For Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

Samsung will release different versions of Android 7.0 Nougat update to different models of its Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 in different regions of the world. A few users of the smartphones will receive the newest version of the update, Android 7.1.1 Nougat.


January 03 08:03 AM

NVIDIA Quadro P6000 Challenges TITAN X Pascal In Gaming Benchmarks

The Nvidia Quadro P6000 was tested in gaming benchmarks and found easily outpacing the mighty Titan X. This could mean that Nvidia may have the best graphics card to date by giving the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with a full GP102 core, then it could be the very first 4K capable of running games at 60 FPS.

The Pirate Bay

January 03 07:53 AM

The Pirate Bay Shuts Down For Unidentified Reason While KickAss Torrents Is Back

The Pirate Bay recently shut down for an unknown reason while another huge torrent site KickAss Torrents is already back.

Apple AirPods

January 03 07:37 AM

Apple AirPods Production Has Expanded To Keep Up With Strong Demand, According To Report

Many who pre-ordered the AirPods are still waiting for stocks to be replenished as Apple appears to be struggling to meet the high demand for the device. But fresh reports indicate that Apple is doing what it can to increase its AirPods supply.


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Computer Hackers

Torrent Sites Users To Obtain Warning From Authorities For Anti-Piracy Campaign

The loyal subscribers of The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent and KickAssTorrents will receive piracy notices from the authorities.

AMD 7th Gen PRO Processors

AMD Ryzen Release Slated At GDC 2017; Specs Features And Price Detailed

AMD's upcoming CPU Ryzen is anticipated to be released at GDC 2017. Also, its specs, features, and price are also detailed.

Nokia 6

Nokia 6 Registrations Already Crossed 1 Million Ahead Of January 19 Flash Sale

Nokia 6 registrations already crossed 1 million ahead of its January 19 flash sale in China.

Windows 10

Microsoft Introduces New Feature Called Game Mode

Windows is reportedly working on a Game Mode for Windows 10. This new feature will run faster and enhance gaming experience.

Lenovo Out to Present a Huge Comeback Bid

Specifications, Release Date Of Lenovo Moto G5 Plus Leaked

Lenovo is out to make a big comeback bid during this year’s MWC. The tech company will most likely unveil the new Moto G5 Plus phone.

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