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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

March 19 07:45 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Might Feature 3D OLED Touch; Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Released Alongside Samsung Galaxy S8+; Specs, Features Itemized [VIDEO]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to feature 3D OLED Touch. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released along with Samsung Galaxy S8+

Google Pixel XL

March 19 07:09 AM

OnePlus 4 or OnePlus 5 Vs. Google Pixel 2: OnePlus Flagship Killer Will Contend Against Google Pixel Successor; Specs, Features Compared [VIDEO]

OnePlus 4 or OnePlus 5 will be compared against Google Pixel 2 to prove which one is better than the other.

27-Inch Apple iMac

March 17 06:08 PM

iMac 2017 Update: Tim Cook Reveals Apple Still Committed To Pro Area; Upcoming iMac To Feature AMD Ryzen Instead Intel Processor [VIDEO]

Apple Inc. is slated to release the iMac 2017 as the company's CEO, Tim Cook has publicized the tech giant's commitment to Pro area.

Google Pixel

March 17 12:44 PM

Google Nexus 7 2017 Specs, Release Date, News & Update: Chrome & Android Merge Not Happening, Find Out Why

Google Nexus 7 2017 will not be running on Chrome and Android OS, contrary to previous speculations.

MacBook Air

March 17 05:37 PM

MacBook Pro 2017 Update: Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Hinted 32 GB RAM; Upcoming MacBook Will Flaunt New Technologies [VIDEO]

Apple is set to unveil the MacBook Pro 2017 with new technologies and an enormous 3 GB of RAM.

Android 7.1.2 Public Release

March 17 11:30 AM

Public Release for Android Nougat 7.1.2 Tipped to be Early April

Android 7.1.2 will reportedly be released to the public sometime around April 3.

AMD Vega

March 20 05:59 AM

AMD Vega News and Updates: New Vega Card Will Not Be A Part Of RX 500 Series?

AMD Vega will be released after the RX 500 series cards are showcased and the Vega series will go toe to toe with top of the line GTX series.

AMD Ryzen

March 17 08:13 AM

AMD Ryzen Rumors: Apple MacBook Pro 2017 To Have AMD Ryzen APU?

AMD Ryzen is rumored to power the Apple MacBook Pro 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

March 17 07:08 AM

Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus News & Update: New Handsets To Be Launched Soon, Everything That We Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus are going to be launched on March 29. The new handsets are rumored to have improved features and designs.

Nintendo Switch Launch Event - Day 2

March 17 12:45 AM

Nintendo Switch Update: Sales Dropped Significantly; Console Plagued By Issues

A couple of hardware and software issues are plaguing the new Nintendo Switch according to reports.


March 16 07:49 PM

PlayStation 4 News Update: PlayStation Plus April 2017 Confirmed To Include 'Drawn To Death'; Video Game's Features Specified [VIDEO]

"Drawn To Death" is confirmed to be included in PlayStation Plus April 2017 games for PlayStation 4.

Dell Press Conference

March 16 06:20 PM

Dell XPS 13 2-in1 News: One Of 13-Inch Best Laptop Turns Out To Have Major Issue [VDIEO]

The Dell XPS 13 has been known as one of the best 13-inch laptop now has been reported to have major issues.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

March 16 04:25 PM

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Official Price, Pre-Order & US Release Date Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 official United States price, pre-order date and market availability have been revealed


March 16 04:25 PM

Asus ROG GeForce 1080 Ti Strix OC: Pictures For Upcoming Custom Card Spotted Online

Asus ROG GeForce 1080 Ti Strix OC specs have been highlighted on the recent leaked slides

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

March 16 02:09 PM

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Specs, Reviews: Flagship-Like Features With Affordable Price Tag

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is reportedly an excellent flagship unit with an affordable price tag aimed to coax back the trust of the consumers after the Note 7 debacle.

Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

March 16 12:24 PM

iPad Mini 5 Update: Apple Reported To Launch Device On March 2017, Some Predicts Phase Out

Some analysts believed that Apply may no longer launch iPad Mini 5

Apple iPad Pro 9.7

March 16 12:45 PM

9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro 2 Likely a Minor Refresh

The next generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2 will likely just be a minor update that will simply be getting some updated internals.


March 16 12:18 PM

LG G6 European Price Revealed; No Word Yet For North America, United Kingdom

LG G6 European market price has been revealed but no official word yet for the North America and United Kingdom markets.

Tesla Model X

March 16 11:12 AM

Tesla Model X Quick Review: Gullwing Door-Equipped SUV That Gets to 60mph in 2.9 Seconds

Despite the long pedigree of its direct competition, the Tesla Model X is still able to keep up with the other vehicles in terms of performance, refinement, and technology.

12-inch 2017 MacBook

March 16 10:54 AM

New 12-inch 2017 MacBook Release Date & Updates: Kaby Lake Processors, Pricing, Specifications & More

The new 12-inch 2017 MacBook is about to get released with latest Processors and varied specifications. The latest version is more promising and improved than the current one.

Android 7.1.2 Nougat

March 16 09:15 AM

Android 7.1.2 Nougat Update: Google would Release Update on April 3

Google is about to release latest operating system Android 7.1.2 Nougat on April 3. Check out the new features been enclosed.

Pixel 2

March 16 09:02 AM

Google Pixel 2 News and Update: Company Might Ditch 3.5 mm Headphone Jack in Flagship Models

Google might be ditching 3.5mm Headphone Jack in Google Pixel 2 flagship Models. This is an interesting feature that is been added to the device.

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

March 15 12:27 PM

Microsoft Surface Book 2 News & Update: Possible Release Date Before Second Half Of 2017

Fans are excited for the release of the Microsoft Surface Book 2, a successor of the Microsoft Surface Book.

Google Pixel

March 15 10:43 AM

Google Nexus 7 2017 Release Date, Specs: Revived Tablet To Steal The Spotlight From Pixel 2

Google Nexus 7 2017 release date rumors suggest the upgraded tablet might take the spotlight away from the much anticipated Google Pixel 2


March 15 05:44 PM

Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition Stock Update: Amazon Already Have 150 Units; Reason Behind Nintendo Retro Console Scarcity Revealed [VIDEO]

Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition is now available at Amazon but with a hefty price.


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Acer Iconia Dual Touch Screen

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has rolled out an update for Surface Pro 4

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iPhone 7

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