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The Bachelor

January 17 08:49 AM

'The Bachelor' 2017 May Show Nick Viall Wooing Amanda Stanton

Fans of 'The Bachelor' might be surprised at his novel ways of giving a twist to the tale.

Grey's Anatomy

January 17 07:06 AM

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 star Camilla Luddington Reveals She Wants Alex And Jo To End Up Together

ABC network's hit drama, 'Grey's Anatomy', will be one of the television series that people have been looking forward to watch again this year. The show will have its midseason premiere for its thirteenth season this month and fans already can't wait.

Howie Mandel

January 16 04:01 PM

How to Watch Howie Mandel's All Star Comedy Gala

Check out all the details on Howie Mandel's comedy special with Just for Laughs.

Dancing with the Stars

January 16 02:27 PM

Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Cast Will Include 'Heroes', With Emphasis on 'Nostalgia'

The 'Dancing With the Stars' producers delve into what they're focusing on for the upcoming 24th season.

Meri Brown on 'Sister Wives'

January 16 12:03 PM

Has 'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Been Caught In A New Embarrassing Dating Scandal?

Meri's rumored new romance has also come to a halt--for a very shocking reason

Soap Opera Spoilers 1/16/17-1/20/17

January 16 11:11 AM

What Will Happen On Soap Operas This Week?

Here's everything that will happen on 'The Young and the Restless,' 'Days of Our Lives,' 'The Bold and the Beautiful,' and 'General Hospital'

'The Winds of Winter'

January 16 10:07 AM

Fans Think George R.R. Martin Will Release 'The Winds of Winter' And 'A Dream Of Spring' Together

Some believe that "The Winds of Winter" will be released along "A Dream of Spring."

Dragon Ball Super

January 16 08:06 AM

‘Dragon Ball’ Episode 75 Spoilers: Goku And Great Saiyaman’s Intense Battle And The Upcoming Tournament

Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 will premiere in a week and it has got fans all excited because the spoilers have been pointing to an intense battle between Goku and Great Saiyaman.

One Piece

January 16 07:59 AM

‘One Piece’ Chapter 852 Spoilers: Reiju Reveals Birth Secret To Sanji; Vinsmokes And Straw Pirates May Unite

One Piece Chapter 852 has positive development lined up as the brother-sister duo of Sanji and Reiju collaborate to fight the danger at hand.

Rick and Morty Virtual Reality Booth

January 15 09:59 AM

'Rick and Morty' Season 3: Premiere Might Happen In March; Dan Harmon Explains Reasons Of Delay

Rick and Morty Season 3 release date is not yet confirmed but a sexy sneak peek was publicized recently. Also, Dan Harmon explains the complications in producing the TV series.

The Young Pope

January 14 11:03 AM

How & When to Watch The Young Pope Online

'The Young Pope' is premiering on HBO Sunday night, and here's everything you need to know before the premiere.

Felicity Jones

January 14 10:34 AM

How to Watch SNL's First Show of 2017

Here's what you need to know about the next episode of 'SNL', including live stream info.

Naruto Shippuden

January 13 11:17 PM

‘Naruto Shippuden’ Episode 489 And 490 Spoilers: Shikamaru Hiden Arc Begins, Shinobi’s Secret Mission To Take Roots

Naruto Shippuden is all set to enter another arc with episode 489 and the focus will be on Shikamaru Nara. His mission after the fourth great Ninja war is in focus and it will be full of twists and turns.

Barack Obama

January 13 04:30 PM

How To Watch Lester Holt's Full Interview with President Barack Obama

Here's what you need to know about NBC News host Lester Holt's big interview with President Obama.

Dancing with the Stars

January 13 04:14 PM

10 Worst Dancing With the Stars Contestants

Not every celebrity is well-suited to 'Dancing With the Stars'.

Bel Canto

January 13 02:30 PM

How to Watch Renee Fleming's Bel Canto Opera on PBS

The 'Bel Canto' opera comes to PBS in the form of a two-hour broadcast Friday night.


January 13 01:49 PM

Will Cirie Fields or Ozzy Lusth Win on Their Fourth Season of Survivor?

How will Cirie and Ozzy fare in the upcoming 'Survivor' season 34?


January 13 12:04 PM

Do Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz Want a Bones Revival?

The creator of 'Bones' also revealed that the decision to end the series wasn't his decision.

How To Get Away With Murder

January 13 11:47 AM

'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Part 2 To Focus On Killer's Identity; The Mahoneys As Possible Culprit

One of the most-watched American television drama, 'How To Get Away With Murder', is a few days from airing its new set of episodes for its third season and fans surely can't wait any longer.

The casts of

January 13 09:50 AM

‘American Horror Story’ Season 7 Returning Cast And Modern-Day Story Plot Revealed [VIDEO]

"American Horror Story" Episode 7 will thrill the fans with returning casts plus a modern-day story plot.


January 13 09:22 AM

'One Punch Man’ Season 2 Spoilers: Saitama To Be Beaten For The First Time

It's official, One Punch Man is getting a second season. The animated series which started as a simple webcomic has now become a big anime sensation that has gained international acknowledgment.

Maks Chmerkovskiy Peta Murgatroyd

January 13 09:17 AM

This DWTS Couple is Already 'Protective' of Newborn Son

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd are very happy with their newborn son.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

January 13 09:01 AM

Nicole Kidman Wants More Kids, But Keith Urban Says No

Nicole Kidman is still hoping to have more babies, but husband Keith Urban doesn't want to.

James Spader

January 13 08:16 AM

"The Forcaster" To Show Mysterious Diorama Depicts Future Crime While Red Explores New Business Opportunity

The Blacklist Season 4, Episode 10 which is entitled "The Forecaster" will show a mysterious diorama that depicts future crime. Also, Red will explore a new business opportunity.


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