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'Sherlock: The Abominable Bride' 2016: Seven Things We Learned From The Episode

'Sherlock: The Abominable Bride' .

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  • After eons of waiting, Sherlock is finally back! Creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss served fans one heck of a mystery yet fantastically fun, time-traveling New Year’s Day special.

    Surely, Sherlock Holmes started the New Year with a bang with one of the best episodes to date. Our beloved Benedict Cumberbatch once more donned the great detective's flapping overcoat for a much anticipated feature length return to Baker Street.

    This time around, the episode is entitled, 'The Abominable Bride.' For fans who have not watched the New Year's special yet, you've been warned, this post has spoilers. But for fans who have watched, here are the major things we learned from 'Sherlock'
  • Benedict Cumberbatch Remains The Ultimate Modern Holmes

    One thing is always sure, and will always be - Benedict Cumberbatch will always be our beloved Modern Holmes. It's the one role that rose his career to ultra stardom. While he has gone on to achieving countless recognition in movies, many viewers will feel this is where he belonged - and will always belong. It's like he doesn't even have to try. Cumberbatch is Sherlock reborn.
  • It Was All A Dream

    Moffat and Gatiss have lead fans to believe that this New Year special was simply going to be a light, one-off episode that was meant to entertain fans until the series fully returns in 2017. But no. The entire conceit of the Holiday special, that we’ve time traveled back to Victorian England, turns out to be a trip through Sherlock’s mind palace, as he tries to figure out how Moriarty could possibly be alive.

    In order to visit the said place, Sherlock takes a drug-induced trip back to 1895, to figure out the case of the 'The Abominable Bride,' a woman who kept killing people even though she was supposed to be dead.

    We had expected some dramatic twists to great resolutions to the mystery but we should have known better.
  • The 'Abominable Bride's' Plot Was Intense!

    In the new New Year's special, a blood-spattered bride blew her brains out, then apparently returned as a gun-wielding ghoul and dispatched her husband. The one beautiful bride, Emelia Ricoletti had escaped death and mastered the secret of bilocation (hint: her corpse was moldering in the mortuary at the time of her husband's killing). Our beloved Holmes refused to accept a supernatural explanation - even as Ricoletti was linked to a spree of subsequent husband-slayings.
  • A Horror Story Masquerading as A Mystery

    Co-writer Gatiss told USA Today that “horror is a very big part of Sherlock Holmes." This proved a signifiant tip-off, as Sherlock and Watson were sucked into a spooky whodunit in the richest tradition of M.R. James and Sheridan Le Fanu. To whoever watched the intense episode, will have gone to bed for a sleepless night. A scene in which the "undead" bride stalked her latest intended victim through a mist-shrouded maze was, in particular, a triumph of gilded creepiness.

    A wedding-veil looming in the gloom? Now, that is creepy.
  • Moriarty Is Back (But May Not Be Alive)

    “I didn’t say he was alive, I said he was back,” says Sherlock towards the end of the episode. Yes, there is a huge difference between the two. We learned after 90 minutes that no, Moriarty (Andrew Scott) is not alive, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around somehow and ready to cause all kinds of trouble in England.

    Scott’s Moriarty is a chilling but charming foil to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and one of the many highlight’s of the episode was the scene where Moriarty lovingly places a gun inside his own mouth. So totally insane, but in the best way.
  • Sherlock Really Is A Drug Addict

    To avid fans of Sherlock know that he is an avid drug user. For the past three seasons, his drug use has been heavily alluded to in almost every episode, however, he’s always recovered in the end. Not this time. Sherlock was apparently high at the end of season three, and has been keeping it a secret from his older brother, John.

    Probably the most emotional moment in the episode was when Mycroft had to ask Sherlock for “the list” of drugs he’s taken after finding him high as a kite on the jet.

    Basically, Sherlock overdosed trying to solve the Moriarty puzzle, so we know that he’ll be more than reckless with his own safety if it means cracking the case.
  • A Serious, Serious Trouble Ahead For Our Beloved Sherlock Holmes

    So, what do you think after learning all those things? Sherlock is back (be it in Baker Street or doing drugs), Moriarty is back and both Mycroft and John are very, very worried.

    The show ended with a plea from Mycroft to John to look after his brother. Though Mycroft and Sherlock have mostly had a not so good relationship, but it’s clear Mycroft cares deeply for his younger brother, and if he’s worried, we should be too.

    Did someone get a good look at the notebook Mycroft was holding? Notes like “Redbeard,” which is Sherlock’s childhood dog, the numbers “611174” and the phrase “Scarlet Roll" were in it.

    All these questions and theories that we want answered, but no. We just have to wait till 2017 to find out.
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