Jan 29, 2016 05:55 AM EST By James Bendijo

Beyonce, Jay Z Marriage: Celebrity Couple's Sweetest Captured Moments

Let's take a look at the celebrity couple's sweetest pictures in their marriage amid rumors that they are adding another member to their family.

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  • The marriage of Beyonce and Jay Z may have hit a very rough patch recently but this rumored good news could act as a saver to their declining relationship.

    According to reports, the celebrity couple have been feuding repeatedly with both of them contemplating divorce but the rumored pregnancy of the 34-year-old singer could present a huge relief for them. Even if the "Drunk In Love" singer has been fighting with his 48-year-old husband, she can not imagine herself as a a single parent of two kids so she will do anything to save their marriage.

    Although Beyonce has yet to officially announce that she is indeed pregnant, there are some evidences that have pointed out that she is indeed conceiving a child. In her last shoot, it was noticeable that she was wearing a huge black hoodie jacket, which was surprising because she is known for revealing her skin. Furthermore, the singer was also complaining of being tired and nauseous during the shoot.

    Whether this rumor is true or not, fans certainly hope that the couple will indeed stay together.

    Here is a gallery of Beyonce and Jay Z's sweetest pictured moments in their long-tenured marriage.

  • While the husband and wife were on stage, they decided to show their love to the fans by kissing in front of them.
  • Jay Z looked amazed with her beautiful wife's impressive see-through dress.
  • Another look at the lovely couple during an event in New York City.
  • Beyonce and Jay Z gave their fans a steamy perfomance at the Grammy Awards.
  • Beyonce and Jay Z posed for an elegant photo in a Los Angeles studio.
  • The husband and wife with their daughter on stage during an event in Inglewood, California.
  • This photo showed a lovely family having a sweet moment on stage. Will the Carters add another member to their family?
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