Does marijuana really benefit athletes' training and performances?

Athletes needed the stamina during long hours of training and when a normal body is stretched to the limit, it will feel pain and extreme exhaustion. On these situations, many athletes would want nothing to hinder their training, and they will do or drink anything to boost their energy and be a superhuman. One of which is Marijuana, the main content of the plant cannabis sativa. The active ingredients, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD)referred as performance-enhancing drugs are the target of laboratories on their trials.

BUSINESS INSIDER gained the information that it has been legalized in some states, now users have been justified on their usage and will neglect potential harm on their body. But what is surprising is the decision to agree in increasing the acceptable nanogram levels of THC to athletes who would join the Olympics. A decision to agree from the World Anti-Doping agency came last 2013 to increase THC levels tested to coming athletes in Olympics from 15 to 150 nanograms. The move has given a break from athletes who use Marijuana during training but stopped before entering the Olympics.

It was explained by Ben Nichols from the World Anti-Doping agency that the use of Marijuana as medicinal alleviates pain, to recover from pain and to have ample rest after every strenuous training of athletes. He also implied that its medicinal use are observed and recognized, but the usage of Marijuana during the competition is strictly prohibited. CBD brands like Nuleaf Naturals sponsor professional athletes to market their products. 

Another thing that athletes like about Marijuana is its ability to enhance endocannabinoids. During normal strenuous activities, the brain releases endogenous cannabinoids and when THC is introduced in the system, it will link on the same receptor that these endocannabinoids connect, thus enhancing the psychoactive effect. Athletes all over the world can attest as reported by WhitePalm on how Marijuana affects their performance,that it enhances stamina during training, it also blocks pain during recovery and helps ease anxiety and soothes muscles in times of relaxation.

But it is still a Schedule 1 Drug by DEA and anything that is used beyond its allowable amount or if it is administered wrongly can lead to harmful effects to the body. It is still safe to use normal endogenous chemicals of the body and allow normal transformations by regular practice and healthy lifestyle. The goal in every competition is for the body to win and not by the elaborate doping scheme.

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