Niantic recently dropped the Gen 2 update for "Pokémon GO." However, it looks like not everybody loves it. Fortunately, there are strong assumptions, once again, that another event is about to come that fans will definitely enjoy.

There's a big possibility that Niantic is now working for another "Pokémon GO" event, according to Daily Express. This is following the current Pokémon Day celebrations where players can catch a special Pikachu wearing a festive hat.

The reports originated from a small remark when "Pokémon GO" won the best mobile game at the previous DICE awards. Allegedly, someone from Niantic was heard hinting an upcoming announcement about a new event.

On IGN's Snapchat channel, on the other hand, another Niantic employee teased that players should start to save their candies. Hence, a double candy event is now expected to happen in "Pokémon GO." However, Niantic has yet to confirm the news, so fans should only take this with a grain of salt.

Inverse reported that based on the previous "Pokémon GO" events, a double candy event is usually happening whenever there is an occasion to celebrate. To recall, a double candy event happened on Halloween followed by another double experience on Thanksgiving.

Also, a special Holiday event occurred on "Pokémon GO" while another double candy event took place on Valentine's Day. With that, another double candy or double experience might be happening on St. Patrick's Day or Mother's Day.

If this will happen, fans could expect an announcement at the upcoming Mobile World Congress on Tuesday. The creator of "Pokémon GO" John Hanke is set to make a speech at the said event in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Pokémon Day on "Pokémon GO" will run from Feb. 26 to March 6. People around the world will be able to see Pikachu in its festive attire, although this will only last for a limited time on the said dates.