Despite a significant loss of its previously massive player base, the highly popular augmented reality mobile video game, "Pokémon Go," still continues to receive patches and updates from its developer. While Niantic previously included some huge changes to the game, one new feature that has been recently added seemed to have come out of nowhere.

 Niantic and The Pokémon Company usually announces to the public when they have a planned new feature to be added to the game. However, players over at Reddit have reportedly now spotted a new feature that hasn't really been officially announced. Players have reportedly begun spotting Shiny Pokémon within the game, namely the shiny yellow Magikarp and the shiny red Gyarados.

According to a report from Gamespot, the extremely rare shiny Pokémon could be just part of the ongoing Water-type event that Niantic has launched for "Pokémon Go." This means that there is still no certainty if the shiny Pokémon feature will be a permanent part of the game.

Shiny Pokémon first appeared in "Pokémon Gold" and "Pokémon Silver." The games had also introduced the shiny Gyarados, which all players were able to capture in the Lake of Rage. Shiny Pokémon within the games and the games that followed after were extremely rare and would only appear in one out of 8,000 encounters.

However, this might not necessarily be the case for "Pokémon Go," as Niantic could decide to significantly lower down its rarity to give players a chance to own their very own shiny Pokémon. Niantic previously added several new Pokémon within the game and the addition of the shiny Pokémon only serves to hint that more features and content may be coming very soon. Fans are of course hoping that Niantic will finally release the long awaited legendary Pokémon feature. The developers have confirmed that legendary Pokémon would indeed be coming, but they have not yet outlined its possible release window.