Michael Buble in Secret Canadian Celebrity Poker Ring with Celine Dion and Drake?


Could all the rumours be true? Was the Canadian singer just bluffing when he mentioned being part of a secret poker club with other beloved celebrities hailing from his homeland, namely Ryan Gosling, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and even Drake?

Unfortunately, we can confirm that it was actually nothing more than just a light-hearted joke made by the popstar, much to the chagrin of many a Canadian poker enthusiast. Our hopes could not have been more dashed as were already dreaming about being privy to such an all-star team seated round a poker table and showing their hands. How awesome would that even be?

According to casinos,co, when asked where celebrities in Canada like to meet up and hang out, Buble cheekily replied:

"Yeah there's a poker night with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, me, Celine (Dion), Alanis (Morissette), Justin Bieber, Drake sometimes pops in. Can you imagine?"

Canadian Celebrities Explained

42-year old Buble, who rose to fame with popular hits such as 'Feeling Good' and 'Haven't Met You Yet'. went on to reveal some insider facts about Canadian celebrities, who he believed share a certain kinship with other stars from the same country, much in the same way that British celebs do, saying that "I think UK celebrities are similar in that if you're in a room you do find each other there's a little [wink]"

He also enlightened us about his positive relationship with fellow Canadian songstress Celine Dion, with whom he's shared some touching moments over the years.

"I was with her on stage recently. She's so sweet! She went to her crew, 'Tell me what to do and I'll execute,' and I was like wow that's great strength. The first time I ever met her I was 24. I had no record deal, nothing, and I was brought on as one of the kids and I was introduced to her back stage. I was really nervous and she was so kind and held my hand and said, 'Your hand is freezing' and it pumped me up so much before I went on. It gave me so much confidence when something like that happens, when people are like that, I remind myself that it's my responsibility to pass it on."

Does a Celebrity Canadian Poker Club Really Exist?

Who knows? While Michael's comments may just have been nothing more than light banter, we can't help but speculate that there may be some truth to his quips. While Canadians have a reputation for being overly friendly and polite, Buble went on to say that this stereotype isn't always on point:

"I think [Canadians] can be a little cold at times. I can walk into an elevator in New York and say to an average American, 'I like your shoes,' and we can have a conversation, which is fun, engaging... In Canada I can say, 'I like your shoes,' and they'll say, 'Thank you.' And that will be the end of the conversation."

A standoffish Canadian with a poker face? Well that's certainly some food for thought. Here's the more important question though... if a celebrity Canadian poker club really does exist, who would be in the lead? Something tells us Celine and Seth Rogan would bring down the house more often than not.

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