SK-II Products That Will Take Years Off of Your Face


With countless products on the market promising to give you a youthful glow, it can be hard to decide which is worth the investment. SK-II provides skin care products that can deliver.

The brand utilizes PiteraTM, a unique ingredient discovered in yeast with properties that provide skin cells with the necessary nutrients to regenerate. It is natural extract packed with amino acids and additional original compounds such as vitamins and minerals with capabilities to repair damaged skin.  

SK-II products are best known for how they integrate PiteraTM to create a variety of formulas and products that can help take years off of your face

These are the main age defying SKII skin care products that will help rejuvenate your face by restoring tightness, pigmentation, fine lines like wrinkles and more:

  • Overnight Miracle Mask:

This face mask can take years off of your face without you even needing to do much work! The overnight mask nourishes and revitalizes skin all while you are sleeping.

It's easy to use and will help keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. It contains PiteraTM  which helps to repair your skin and enhances the restorative process that happens when you sleep.

  • LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream:

Fine lines and wrinkles happen with age. It's a fact of life, but it's in your control to regain your youthful glow! The LXP Ultimate Revival Eye cream smooths and softens these pesky lines. Additionally, the cream helps to hydrate the sensitive skin under your eyes where dark circles can form.

The anti-ageing cream has a high concentration of Premium PiteraTM that will help rejuvenate your skin and restore its youthfulness.

SK-II also has an LXP Ultimate Revival Cream that is catered towards working the same magic to enhance your face's structure and vitality.

  • Signs Up-Lifter

This anti-ageing serum boasts properties that can tighten your skin and improve its elasticity. The serum contains PiteraTM and 360º Lifting Peptides which helps to smooth and firm any sagging skin around the mouth, eyes and jawline.

The best part? The light-weight formula absorbs easily, for fast results.

  • Facial Treatment Oil

SK-II's facial treatment oil is packed with nutrients that hydrate your skin. The solution is easy for the skin to absorb and moisturizes effectively.  

The dry skin elixir makes your skin anything but dry. It is non-greasy, fresh smelling and helps to restore a radiant complexion. The best part? The oil protects skin from potential skin issues that arise with climate changes.  

  • R.N.A. Power Cream

With age comes loose skin - regain firmness with R.N.A Power Cream. Also made with PiteraTM, this cream will help your skin to appear tighter and smoother for a rejuvenated, refreshed and youthful glow.

The cream is moisturizing and hydrating and helps to make your skin feel as good as it will look! You can't beat its luxurious creamy texture that makes application just as smooth as the product will make your skin!

  • Facial Treatment Essence

Support skin renewal with Facial Treatment Essence! The serum helps to create a complexion that is smooth and soft. In addition to smoothing out your skin, the treatment also effectively reduces any dark spots on your face to clear up your complexion.

The question isn't if these SK-II products will help restore your skin and take years off of your face - it's which of its many products is best suited to your unique skin needs.

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